Big Brother US S09E05 (CBS)

Josh thinks that Amanda has got a big mouth. She enjoys gossiping with all of the HM. Chelsia thinks that it will bite her in the ass. Nat thinks that it’s her way of getting the attention back on her.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Nat tells Chelsia that she heard James talk that they would nominate Amanda/Alex and Matt/Nat. Chelsia is pissed. She goes to see Amanda. Amanda says James said something like that. All he said was that he needed to win HoH. Josh is pissed and loses his temper. He swears and tells Amanda to shut up. He calls Amanda a horseface. He tells her to go back to the stables. He splashes water at her and leaves. Sharon takes him away. Josh makes a comment about Amanda’s suicide. Allison tries to make her feel better. Amanda is in HoH room in the bath crying. Sharon, Jen and Parker are with her. In the end Parker remains and tries to make her feel better.

Jen starts to campaign against Ryan. She tells Sheila that Ryan is a racist. She says that it makes Ryan sick that she dated a black guy once. Allison, Sheila, Matt and Ryan are talking about what Jen is doing. Allison doesn’t like how Jen keeps putting her down all the time. Sheila says that Jen told her something about Ryan. She says that she will reveal it if he gets evicted. Ryan presses Sheila. Sheila tells Ryan about Jen’s racist comment. Ryan wants to talk with Jen. He tells her that she is going home. Jen makes her comment a lot less bad than it was. Ryan is pissed. Jen lies about she said. She clearly said that Ryan is racist. Allison thinks that Jen is a born liar. She doesn’t understand how good she has it. Jen is really stupid because as soon as Ryan gets out, he will see the video.

As Ryan and Jen walk away, he tells her that she is a bad person.

Votes to evict
Matt/Natt    Ryan/Allison
Chelsia/James    Jen/Parker
Josh/Sharon    Jen/Parker
Sheila/Adam    Jen/Parker

Amanda says that the other HM have apologized for their comments.

Jen/Parker are evicted. While Jen talks, Parker is rolling his eyes. Julie doesn’t ask about the racist comment that she made earlier. Too bad, that would have been interesting to hear.

It’s time for the HOH competition. Each answer in the quiz comes with a reward or consequence. The house will go without hot water for three days. The girls will be wearing swimsuits for the next 24 hours. The house will be going without drinking cups for a week. They will get a margarita party. Plastic Chen is sure to remind them that they won’t have any drinking cups. The women will be cooking dinner. For the next two weeks, the HM will go without the washing machine. James/Chelsia are HoH. Amanda/Alex don’t look very happy. Allison says that the game will change drastically because Jen isn’t in the house anymore.

* * * * *

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