Big Brother US S09E06 (CBS)

Amanda wasn’t happy to see Parker go. Alex was happy to see him go because Amanda liked him. He’s a twit. Alex and Amanda weren’t happy. Alex knows that he’s going to get nominated. He knows that it’s the fault of Amanda’s big mouth.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Most of the HM are happy with James/Chelsia. The HM find all of the items missing because of the HoH competition.

Matt is told by the HoH couple that he is safe for this week. Josh tells Sharon about the fake Lesbos. They plan on using it against them at some point. James/Chelsia are happy to see pictures of their family.
James tells Adam and Ryan that the top shelf of the people on the wall need to go. That means Alex/Amanda. He calls it Operation Condor. He needs a pawn. He thinks that Adam/Sheila might fit the bill.

Amanda wants to talk with Josh. Josh apologizes. They kind of made up. She wants to form a secret alliance with him. She promises it.

Nat says that she likes Matt a lot. She confides in Amanda. Nat takes a bubble bath. She takes her top off and wants Matt to join her. He tells her that he doesn’t want to have sex with her. He says that he doesn’t want a romance to distract him.

Allison wants to tell Josh and Chelsia the truth. Sheila says that Josh will take it the wrong way. Allison/Sheila just dug a grave for themselves.

It’s time for the food competition. The backyard is filled with water and dead fish. It stinks. The teams are divided into two boats. The losers are on slop. The divers will fill up the opponent’s nets. The deckhands will have to hold on. The boat which pulls in with the most fish wins. Ryan is the first one out for the yellow team. James is next. Amanda follows. Matt drops his net. It’s Josh vs Adam. The yellow team wins because Adam’s was already partly filled up. This means that Adam/Sheila and Alex/Amanda will be eating slop for the week. It’s waiting for them as they come back inside.

Amanda keeps repeating bueno all the time. She thinks that bueno means hello. Chelsia does a great imitation of her in the diary room.

James tells Chelsia that he finds her attractive. Chelsia and James make out in the HoH room on the bed.

Allison/Sheila tell Chelsia that they were a fake couple. Chelsia doesn’t take it well. They tell James. I wonder why one of James’ tattoos is blanked out. Allison tells Josh. Josh doesn’t take it well either. Josh and Chelsia talk about it. They both think that they are pathological liars.

It’s time for the noms this week. They nominated Alex/Amanda and Matt/Nat.

* * * * *

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