Big Brother US S09E07 (CBS)

Alex knows that he is nominated because of Amanda. Matt is pissed because he is nominated. James/Chelsia went back on their word. James doesn’t care.

Alex keeps telling Amanda to give him some space. She keeps trying to talk with him.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Allison is having fun because she thinks that she got a week off from the nominations. Amanda/Alex are working on Sheila to poison her about Allison. She thinks that she was played by Allison.

James is talking with Alex and Matt. He keeps telling them that it’s a game. Both of them plan on nominating James/Chelsia next week.

Sheila accuses Allison of playing her. Allison says that she isn’t mad at Sheila. She need to spend time with her partner.

It’s time for the PoV competition. The other couple participating, on top of the HoH couple and the two pairs of nominees, is Sharon/Josh. They have chosen Adam to host the competition. Matt and James talk trash about James/Chelsia in the kitchen. James walks in. James toys with them a bit because he knows they were talking about him.

The winners of the PoV will also allow the house to receive info from the outside world. It’s themed around the CBS show Jericho. It’s a puzzle. They find wires in boxes of nuts. The poles are spaced out at different lengths. There is only one solution to each puzzle. Josh/Sharon win the PoV.

The HM receive a few tidbits on an LED panel. They read a strange clue about the Hudson River virus.

Allison is grooming Matt. Sheila is jealous about Allison. She feels like she was dropped. She complains to Nat. Josh is listening in to their conversation. Sheila calls Allison a phony. Nat thinks that she should calm down. She calls her a stuck up bitch. Sheila complains to Matt. Matt thinks that Sheila is mental. Sharon overhears her complaints. She tells Allison. Allison confronts Sheila. Sheila feels threatened by Allison’s college degree. She keeps swearing and is a complete madwoman. Ryan comes in to defend her partner. Adam arrives as well. Alex/Amanda and Nat/Matt are happy about this.

Later while Allison runs, she talks with Sharon about Sheila. During their conversation, Allison runs into the diary room. Allison thinks that she’s having an allergic reaction. She asks for an EpiPen. A nurse arrives. Amanda hasn’t been eating. After her shot, Allison feels better. Amanda says that she feels bad. She falls down. At least Nat is there. She calls the others. The nurse comes out to help Amanda, who appears to be choking. James is right in there helping out. The others are keeping away. Sharon finally comes to help her out. Amanda isn’t drinking. The paramedics arrive. They take her away.

Adam was impressed by the way James handled the emergency. Amanda had some kind of seizure. Matt was impressed by James as well.

Amanda comes back later in the evening. They tell her that James really helped her. They tell her that Allison had an allergic reaction at the same time. Allison walks back inside.

Amanda and Allison talk about the events of the night. They say that they weren’t behaving the way that they usually did. Sheila joins in on the big love fest.

It’s the PoV meeting. Josh/Sharon decide not to use the PoV.

* * * * *

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