Sagana And Dreams Of The Past

I wrote this post back on the 11/11/2007.

As I started using Facebook to contact my old friends, I kept wondering about what happened to Sagana. It had been years since I heard from him. I had received some news through Yan telling me that he was at some art fairs.

Serendipity came knocking at my door, and I happened to meet him earlier this week while taking pictures of La Fabrique, the visual arts building of Laval University.

The university building was deserted and it suited my photographic plans ideally. I snapped away. Per chance, as I was looking through my lens, I thought that I was seeing a familiar face. I zoomed in and recognized my friend Sagana. He was bearded, but that was the only change that I saw. Remarkable, after almost seven years.

I dreamed of a friend last night.

I used to get together with some friends every weekend. We used to get together, talk about our week and have a good time. This was years ago, when I still was in Quebec City. Jean-Sébastien, Sagana, Francis, Étienne, Boutch. We were a happy bunch of guys in our early twenties. At the time, I wasn’t in a relationship. I was mostly concerned with music, DJing and my radio show.

I dreamed that I arrived at his old place in the Montcalm neighborhood in Old Quebec. His wife was there. I’ve always believed that the reason that he retracted from his friendships was his wife. She pushed him away from the things and the people he enjoyed to be with. She forced him to go along a certain path, that he didn’t not want to go really.

But he just decided to grow up and have a family, something that I was never really ready to consider at that age. He was married and had a baby by the time that I was still busy searching for myself.

I dreamed that I had to get some comfort food supplies at the nearest convenience store. I left and got some pop, chocolate and crisps.

Later, he had a son named Enki. He had moved and stopped hanging out with us. He a BA in art and wasn’t working in his field. He was such a talented artist as well. He made beautiful pieces and sketched the most intricate things.

I have lost touch with him over the years. Since he stopped doing my radio show called Horripilations with me back in 2000, I haven’t really seen him. I’ve seen his wife and his son some years later on the street. I’ve never talked to him again.

I know his brother better.

In 2005, he had a radio show called Plastik Mekanik on CKIA 88.3 FM Radio Basse-Ville in Quebec City. He was involved in an electronoise band called K.O.R.P.S. Both projects are still running. I’ve found his blog and sent him an email a few seconds ago. I wonder what has happened in his life.

Since then, we have been corresponding sporadically via email. I happened to meet him by chance on Tuesday and we talked for over an hour. He’s doing well. He just bought a house in Lévis with his wife. They will move in a few months. His son is 7 years old and is in first grade.

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