Torchwood Dead Man Walking S02E07 (BBC)

Torchwood is a science fiction drama television program, created by Russell T Davies and starring John Barrowman and Eve Myles. It deals with the machinations and activities of the Cardiff branch of the fictional Torchwood Institute, who deal with supernatural occurrences. An initial 13-part series was commissioned by the BBC as a spin-off from the long-running science fiction program Doctor Who with which it is closely interlinked.

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Did I like this episode? Nope. I didn’t like it. It was boring. It’s too bad. Although it’s got good ratings, I find it significantly worse than any Doctor Who episodes. It will certainly get renewed for another season. I actually like the new season of Primeval a lot better than the new season of Torchwood. I can’t say it enough, Primeval rocks compared to Torchwood. Maybe I phrased this wrong. Primeval just rocks. The last episode was really good.

This was another bad episode. At least something happened to the characters, but that doesn’t stop them from using him again. The team tries to deal with a dead Owen. It’s not easy. In this episode, Torchwood vanquishes death.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

* * * * *

In the last episode, Owen was killed. Martha is about to start the autopsy. Jack barges in and tells everyone to stop. He goes to see a little girl. He asks her where it is. She tells him that he will owe her a favour. She says that a church was built on top of it.

Jack goes to the church and finds Weevils sleeping there. He comes back with an old box. It contains the glove. It’s the resurrection glove. They bring back Owen for a little while. Two minutes. However Owen remains alive. Behind him, the glove is moving by itself. He’s still dead, but walking. This glove is different from the other resurrection glove. Martha says that the energy of the glove is spreading through him.

Owen says that there was nothing for him. Susie said that there was something beyond life, beyond death.

Something moving. While he talks about this to Martha, he falls into the darkness. He says that something was there for him. He doesn’t know what it was. It was waiting for him. Owen’s body is changing into something else. Tosh tries to tell him that she loves him, but Owen won’t listen. Owen is transported back into the darkness. He hears a strange demonic voice talking to him. Owen’s eyes become all black for a few seconds.

Martha is looking for him. Owen is gone from the hub. Jack goes out to find him. Martha is pissed that Captain Jack hid the secret of the resurrection gloves. Owen is out drinking. A girl tries to make out with him. Owen realizes that he can’t get a boner. Jack finds him and they get into a little scuffle. The cops get involved and Jack lets him be taken away. He goes with him. In the tank, Owen has to get the alcohol out of him. Since his body is dead, he can’t digest.

He pukes up the alcohol by standing on his head.

Tosh goes through the CCTV feeds and sees Owen possessed by something. She shows the other. On the way back from the police station, a bunch of Weevils ambush Jack and Owen.

At the top of a parking garage, they kneel in front of Owen. Tosh translates what Owen has said.

I shall walk the Earth. My hunger will know no bounds.

Gwen finds out that this is attributed to the words of Death. Gwen comes up with a legend about a time when a preacher brought back a child. The parish was St-Mary’s, the one where Jack found the glove in. The town was barricaded to protect themselves from the Black Death. That didn’t stop the child from dying. The preacher brought her back alive, through a miracle, ie the resurrection glove. The child didn’t come back alone. She came back with Death. It needed thirteen souls in order to stay on Earth.

Owen proposes to inject formaldehyde into his veins to fry his brain. As Martha tries to get the syringe, the glove animates and tries to get her. It’s able to suck Martha’s life force out of her. She’s become old. Owen is able to destroy the glove. It’s too late, the energy has reached its full potential. Owen’s eyes turn black and he excretes a black shadowy form. It attacks Jack. He wakes up near a hospital emergency room. They bring in Martha.

Jack remarks that the Weevils are nearby. Death is at the hospital as well. It’s killing the people that are near death.
Ianto finds out that the little girl who was brought back with Death was the one that got rid of it. Her name was Faith. Owen hears this and understands what he has to do. He kisses Tosh goodbye and locks himself in with Death. He dissipated the spectre of death it and Martha comes back normal.

Martha says that Owen is on borrowed time. It might be 30 minutes or 30 years.

* * * * *

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