Torchwood Something Borrowed S02E09 (BBC)

Torchwood is a science fiction drama television program, created by Russell T Davies and starring John Barrowman and Eve Myles. It deals with the machinations and activities of the Cardiff branch of the fictional Torchwood Institute, who deal with supernatural occurrences. An initial 13-part series was commissioned by the BBC as a spin-off from the long-running science fiction program Doctor Who with which it is closely interlinked.

From the Torchwood Wikipedia entry.

Well I actually can’t believe it, but this was a good episode of Torchwood. There was drama, humor, action. The pacing was great and the story was interesting. It was kind of a murder mystery, since they had to find the shapechanger. Once they found it, they had to chase it. This has been one of the best episodes in this season of Torchwood. I can’t think of any episodes from Season 1 that I liked as much.

Owen is still dead and adapting to his new found deadness. In this episode, Gwen is about to get married to Rhys. Things go terribly wrong when a shapeshifter gets involved in the wedding.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

* * * * *

The story starts on Friday night. It’s her bachelorette party, or a hen-do as the Brits call it. Gwen gets a male stripper. Her girlfriends remark on her wound. She dismisses it. Gwen is getting married on Saturday.

The next morning, Gwen wakes up preggers. The marriage isn’t looking like it’s going to happen.

Two hours earlier, Gwen was chasing something. It’s a shapeshifter. She shot him and he’s bleeding black blood. It attacks her. It bites her on the arm. Jack kills it.

On Saturday, Owen tells her that she’s carrying an alien egg in her. Gwen isn’t going to postpone wedding. She calls Rhys. She has him come over and shows him her belly. They bicker and fight a bit. Gwen wants to get married today.

Owen is performing an alien autopsy. Tosh is looking hot and Owen agrees to go with her.

Gwen has to tell her parents. They are surprised. They are happy. Rhys mom will be surprised. Gwen is hiding out. Gwen talks with Rhys. Rhys tells her that she needs to tell the truth, her lies aren’t working. Rhys blames Jonathan. Tosh arrives with the new bigger dress.

Owen says that their alien friend was hiding a proteus gland, which enabled it to change forms. At the wedding, there is a strange woman hitting on the DJ. Tosh sees that it has black blood. She knows that the shape shifter is at the wedding. It gets away.

The shapeshifter is a Nostrovite, a carnivore with a taste for human flesh. They mate for life. Mommy is looking for her baby. Owen takes the singularity scalpel.

The bridesmaids don’t understand how Gwen could be preggers so fast.

Gwen tells her dad that the baby isn’t Rhys’. Things are going wrong. The best man is missing. He’s trapped with Toshiko. Gwen tells him about the rift and the aliens. He tells his wife that Gwen is stressed out.

Gwen is walking down the aisle. Jack arrives to save Gwen from the alien egg. Owen and Ianto find Tosh. Jack tells Rhys that her life is in danger. The Nostrovite is in the wedding party. Owen has to perform surgery on Gwen. Jack and Tosh go after the Nostrovite. She escapes by jumping out of a window. Gwen’s dad understands that she is in Torchwood. Jack and Tosh lose her in the garden.

The shapeshifter has taken the form of Rhys’ mother. The Nostrovite takes Gwen’s mother hostage. Gwen shoots it. Owen asks Rhys to operate the singularity scalpel. The Nostrovite has taken the shape of Jack. Owen is emptying his clip into it. It’s still going. It doesn’t eat him because Owen is dead.

Owen tells Jack that the guns don’t work. Jack gets a bigger gun from the car. Rhys gets the egg out of Gwen. Jack kills the alien with his big gun.

The marriage finally takes place. Jack mixes level 6 retcon into the drinks. The whole wedding is unconscious. Gwen and Rhys leave for her honeymoon.

* * * * *

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