Date 11 March 2008 Time 22:52

Time 22:52. Date 11.03.08.

This is the first time in my life that I will see another Doctor as The Doctor on Doctor Who. That is, classic Doctor Who. David Tennant and Chris Eccleston don’t count as classic Doctor Whos yet. Maybe in 20 years. Tom Baker has been my Doctor throughout my life. I have been watching him since I was 10. There was no other Doctor for me.

I’ve just seen the Fourth Doctor regenerate into the Fifth Doctor, played by Peter Davison. I’ve started watching 117 – Castrovalva. I didn’t like Shada or Logopolis. I didn’t like Lalla Ward‘s Romana. Mary Tamm did a way better job. For some reason I thought that Adric was with the Fourth Doctor a lot longer. Tom Baker’s run was fabulous. I like the long scarves, the nutty way that he knew everything and the total chaos of the TARDIS. I found that the end result of the Key to Time saga (all of season 16 1978-1979) was a bit annoying, but the episodes were great.

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