In Treatment Week 5 Jake And Amy Thursday 5PM S01E24 (HBO)

In Treatment will last a total of 43 episodes. In Treatment is based on the Israeli series Betipul. Gabriel Byrne plays Paul Weston, a psychologist trying to deal with his patients while going through some personal problems. Each show focuses on a different patient. Mondays feature Laura, an anestheologist infatuated with Paul. Tuesdays feature Alex, an ex-fighter pilot traumatized by events that happened a few years ago. Wednesdays feature Sophie, a suicidal teenage gymnast with Olympic aspirations. Thursdays feature Jake and Amy, a couple in couple’s counseling. Fridays feature Gina, Paul’s own therapist and mentor that he stopped seeing 8 years ago for some reason.

I’ve always loved psychology. This show really feeds that need. The sessions are almost verbatim of what would happen in a real session. This show is about characters, not actions. It’s a very smart show and I am also very surprised that Marky Mark is the executive producer. Marky Mark has had success with Entourage so it makes sense that he decided to try out other projects.

This is a great show. I really liked it. I find that it’s best to watch it a few episodes at a time. I recommend this show.

In this session Jake finally admits to Amy how he feels about her. It looks like he hasn’t talked to her about this for years. He’s broken up about the state of their marriage and wouldn’t be able to handle a divorce. Amy is tough as nails, but she enjoys hearing parts of this.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

* * * * *

Last week, Amy stormed out when Jake recorded their argument. She arrives from her job at Paul’s office. Jake is already there waiting. They are silent in the beginning of therapy. Paul says that he won’t tolerate violence. Amy says that they separated a week ago. She says that Jake threatened to kill her last week. Paul finds it funny. He thinks that she brought it onto herself.

Last week, she left with Lenny for her mother’s. He came over on Saturday to talk. They ended up having sex. After sex, he whispered into her ear that if she left him, he would kill her while he was still inside her. Jake doesn’t like it how his mother-in-law and Amy shove junk food down Lenny’s throat. He’s 9 and weight 100lbs. Amy isn’t worried. She was fat when she was younger. It melted off in her teens.

Paul remarks that the fact that she was overweight comes up in arguments. Amy says that Lenny hits other children to defend himself. Paul tells Jake that if he threatens physical violence, he’ll have to report it to the police. Jake says that he didn’t mean it. Paul says that Jake needs to understand the seriousness of the threat. Amy could get a restraining order.

Paul says that the first part of what he said to Amy is also important. That he would die if she left him. Amy looks at Jake, like she had never thought about it that way before. Paul says that maybe it’s easy for her to consider Jake’s friends as pathetic, because she doesn’t have to face how insignificant she was when she was younger.

When Jake revealed how vulnerable she was, it was easy for her to dismiss this. She might be with an underachiever for that reason. Amy says that she wants a divorce. They are both silent. Jake is breaking down. Jake says that he is taking Lenny with him. Jake asks what does Amy want from him. Amy says nothing. Paul tells them about a couple that had decided to divorce that went to therapy and in the end decided to stay together. Jake realizes that Paul was talking about himself. Paul tells Jake to tell Amy how he feels right after Jake admits that he came to therapy to save his marriage. Jake starts to talk to her. He says that he doesn’t want her to leave. He hasn’t slept in a week. He starts to cry. Amy doesn’t seem to budge. He’s crying in her lap. She realizes how much he loves her and a hint of a smile appears on her face.

Something has happened to Paul. He’s wearing a newer suit and he’s confident in therapy. He made significant progress during this therapy session with Jake and Amy. The way he talked about his wife and his situation, it looks like they are working together to make their marriage work together again.

* * * * *

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