In Treatment Week 5 Sophie Wednesday 4PM S01E23 (HBO)

In Treatment will last a total of 43 episodes. In Treatment is based on the Israeli series Betipul. Gabriel Byrne plays Paul Weston, a psychologist trying to deal with his patients while going through some personal problems. Each show focuses on a different patient. Mondays feature Laura, an anestheologist infatuated with Paul. Tuesdays feature Alex, an ex-fighter pilot traumatized by events that happened a few years ago. Wednesdays feature Sophie, a suicidal teenage gymnast with Olympic aspirations. Thursdays feature Jake and Amy, a couple in couple’s counseling. Fridays feature Gina, Paul’s own therapist and mentor that he stopped seeing 8 years ago for some reason.

I’ve always loved psychology. This show really feeds that need. The sessions are almost verbatim of what would happen in a real session. This show is about characters, not actions. It’s a very smart show and I am also very surprised that Marky Mark is the executive producer. Marky Mark has had success with Entourage so it makes sense that he decided to try out other projects.

This is a great show. I really liked it. I find that it’s best to watch it a few episodes at a time. I recommend this show.

In this session Paul invites Olivia to come by to see him during Sophie’s session. Sophie is miffed at having her mom here and she makes sure that she knows this by being very disagreeable. Olivia is just worried about her daughter and Sophie isn’t making things better with her behavior.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

* * * * *

Olivia is waiting with Sophie outside. Olivia is her mom. She wants to go in with her. Sophie’s got beautiful long hair.
They both walk in. Sophie calls her mom a crazy bitch. Sophie keeps talking about killing herself. Her mom wants to know if Sophie can get back training. Olivia is shocked to hear that Paul recommends that Sophie should continue training. She leaves, thanking him for pulling strings at the hospital. Otherwise Sophie would have been committed.

Special delivery from old people land?
Sophie to Paul.

Paul says that they need to find out why she is so attracted to death. She thinks that it’s freedom from stupid questions, her mom and other things. Paul says that Sophie was testing him. He barely passed.

Paul asks her what she meant by “I finally killed her”. She said this after her accident. Paul says that she is extremely confident on the beam. Off the beam, she’s more susceptible. She is made up of parts that go together. She says that she hates that part of her.

Paul says that she can go back to the gym, but not under the threat of suicide. If she threatens it again, she cannot come back to therapy.

Paul says that he needs to find something he loves. He loves part of all of his patients. Paul sees that she is surprised to hear that he loves her. He was surprised that he didn’t see her dad at the hospital.

While they talk about her dad, Olivia comes in. She says that she isn’t going to let her daughter go back to the gym. That place is killing her. They start arguing. Sophie takes pleasure in hurting her mom. She says that she f*cked Sy in her hospital room. Sophie threatens to live with her dad. Olivia leaves. They have some serious issues. It turns out that her dad didn’t even know that she tried to kill herself.

Paul grills her about her sexual contacts with Sy. He isn’t happy that she said that to her mom. Paul makes sure that Sophie agrees to the terms of their agreement.

* * * * *

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