Survivor Micronesia It Hit Everyone Pretty Hard S16E06 (CBS)

The favourites of the new Malakal tribe showed the fans how to play the game by getting rid of Joel. Erik is in shock. Tracy says that she needs to be in control. She isn’t. Erik and Tracy talk. She tells him that Erik is next to go.

Ami has a pep talk with Tracy. At Arai, Jonathan is feeling better. James says that he wouldn’t like to lose Jonathan. He’s a great motivator. Eliza wants to get rid of James and Parvati by working with the fans.

It’s time for the next challenge. They have to swim out and retrieve some planks. They have to construct barricades in the other team’s tunnel. The prize is two native Micronesians to help out on how to live at camp. Penner has trouble with his leg. Once the planks are retrieved, the teams have 10 minutes to build a blockade in the other team’s wooden tunnel.

Airai has Parvati, Eliza, James, Jason, Penner through. Airai wins reward. Malakal was far behind. They choose Chet to go to Exile Island. Jason goes with him. The medics look at Penner’s leg. He learns that he has to go to a hospital. He’s out. The medic says that for the sake of his life and his leg that he needs to leave. He has a tearful goodbye with his tribemates and has to leave by boat.

Airai learns how to fish and to catch crabs. They receive fishing supplies, fruits, and other necessities from the Micronesians.

At Malakal, the faves are talking about the inefficacity of the fans. They aren’t working out. Amanda thinks that Tracy and Chet. Ami is tired of the fan bashing. She goes to see Tracy. They talk about getting rid of Cirie.

At Exile Island, Chet and Jason think that Ozzy has the idol. Chet is lying on the beach. Jason goes to the clues. Jason finds the idol that Ozzy planted. He believes that it’s the right one.

At Airai, the tribe eats a giant fish stew.

It’s time for the next immunity challenge. Jeff tells everyone that Jonathan is doing fine. He’s had surgery and is recovering. Jason thinks that Ozzy has the idol. Ozzy says that maybe he didn’t look right.

The tribes have to carry two tribemates over to another platform. Airai uses only one stepping pole and successfully carry Eliza across. They almost get Parvati across, but she fell off. They have to start over. Malakal isn’t making any progress. Airai got Parvati across easily. Airai now has to get all of the tribemembers on a tiny platform Malakal finally has one tribemember over. Airai wins immunity easily.

At Malakal, Chet wants to go because his foot is hurting. He has some infection because he stepped on a shell.

Erik wants Chet to stay so that they can get rid of Cirie of Ozzy. Chet isn’t sure what he is going to do.

Ozzy makes a comment about how he would jump off the pier if he is voted off. Ozzy says that Chet is going. Chet says that you can’t be sure of anything.

By a vote of 5-2, Chet is voted off. Erik received the other two votes. In the end, Chet decided not to go with Tracey and Erik’s idea.

* * * * *

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