In Treatment Week 7 Sophie Wednesday 4 PM S01E33 (HBO)

In Treatment will last a total of 43 episodes. In Treatment is based on the Israeli series Betipul. Gabriel Byrne plays Paul Weston, a psychologist trying to deal with his patients while going through some personal problems. Each show focuses on a different patient. Mondays feature Laura, an anesthesiologist infatuated with Paul. Tuesdays feature Alex, an ex-fighter pilot traumatized by events that happened a few years ago. Wednesdays feature Sophie, a suicidal teenage gymnast with Olympic aspirations. Thursdays feature Jake and Amy, a couple in couple’s counseling. Fridays feature Gina, Paul’s own therapist and mentor that he stopped seeing 8 years ago for some reason.

I’ve always loved psychology. This show really feeds that need. The sessions are almost verbatim of what would happen in a real session. This show is about characters, not actions. It’s a very smart show and I am also very surprised that Marky Mark is the executive producer. Marky Mark has had success with Entourage so it makes sense that he decided to try out other projects.

This is a great show. I really liked it. I find that it’s best to watch it a few episodes at a time. I recommend this show. I like watching it in batches. Since the show only lasts between 21 and 29 minutes, this is easy to do. My favorite sessions are with Sophie. Jake and Amy’s sessions are harder to watch, since most married couples have gone through problems at some point in their lives. But they are enlightening.

In this session Sophie continues to talk about her dad, even though she doesn’t really want to. Paul makes sure that she understands how important this is. Sophie realizes that she doesn’t want to make the Olympic team anymore and that gymnastics don’t matter to her that much. What has happened to her?

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

* * * * *

Sophie is texting her dad. He’s in Boston. She might see him. The last time that she saw him was six months ago. She hasn’t traveled alone with her dad since she was 13 when he took her to Paris. She left and took a cab by herself to the airport.

She’s talking about the dream she had about her dad. He was in danger. It was a nightmare. She asks him about a nightmare that he had. He tells her one. In her dream, someone wanted to see her dad. She realized that the man was a serial killer. She knew that at soon as he saw her father, he would kill her father. The man was wearing shoes like Paul had. She realizes that Paul was in her dream trying to kill her father. They made small talk while they waited for her father.

Paul asks her about her father’s photos. Her father took photos of nude models. There was a lot of nudity in his studio. It wasn’t a big deal for her seeing naked women. While her mother was at work, her father had a lot of nude models around. He had sex with them. She saw them having sex.

She thinks that Paul is looking for something. She thinks that Paul thinks that she was sexually abused. Paul tells her that he doesn’t think that Sophie was abused. She’s never told her mom what was happening with her dad. She says that it’s not her job to tell her mom to face reality. She didn’t even tell her mom when her parents got divorced. Paul thinks that her father made Sophie as an accomplice. This drove a wedge between them. He thinks that she wants her parents to get back together.

Sophie doesn’t let herself be angry at her dad, even though he left her. He’s never around. Unlike her mom, who’s always around. She’s kind of like a rock. Paul pays a compliment to her mother.

Sophie says that she’s not really interested in gymnastics anymore. She asks him why this is. Paul says that when she was growing up, there weren’t enough boundaries. Through sports, she found them. Through gymnastics, she was able to run away. Maybe she doesn’t need to run away to that world anymore.

Sophie says that she’s never going to make the Olympic team with that attitude. She’s never failed before.

* * * * *

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