How To Photograph Nude Women

How to photograph nude women for free… (NSFW) (via cf)

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10 thoughts on “How To Photograph Nude Women”

  1. First of all you need a portfolio of your best work so the ladies you do ask wont just think your some perv. Secondly nothing is free, If you want a girl to pose nude for you your going to have to offer her something, if you cant afford to offer her prints at least offer her a disk with the edited images ( assuming your shooting digital). Most girls love to pose for the camera, be professional, make them feel important like they are a famous super model for that moment in time. The easiest place to find women to do nudes is strip clubs. Adult entertainers are already used to getting naked for people they barley know or dont know at all, not to mention you can see what they look like nude ahead of time so you can get exactly what you want. You also need to make them feel safe so offer for them to bring a friend to sit in the next room or something, dont have the friend in the room as it generally makes them feel uncomfortable wheather they admit it or not and it will show in the photos. I hope this helped you. Lance

  2. Tim, I believe the idea is to show your model your work, if you have not photographed nudes before and are asking a model to pose nude for you, you should have, at least, portraits to show your model, to demonstrate your skill with your camera, lighting and composition.

    It is here that they gain trust in you as a photographer.

  3. This article seems to have been partly written with a touch of humour and I don’t think it was intended to be taken 110% seriously.

    It is true that a starting photographer can join a site like One Model Place though and find girls who will be willing to pose nude with probably no demand for money. I recently found a model this way for a book project I was working on but I have to say it was quite time consuming compared to simply picking up a phone and calling an agency.

    Having a good body of work to show will obviously help your case but everybody has to start somewhere so I suggest adopting an attitude of being calm, professional and friendly as your best strategy for putting your model at ease. For the photographer who is nervous your best practice is to thoroughly prepare in advance so you know both creatively and technically what you will be doing.

  4. i pose nude for both men and women photographers.however its more comfortable to work with men as they are not so meticulous as women.women are more choosy and accept any pose i like them to shoot.they sometimes touch my body on some pretext or another but i dont mind.its part of the game and i am a thorough professional.some of them offer me something MORE!!!.men photographers are simply great to work with.

    1. Nancy, I’m a guy & I’ve never “posed nude”.The only way I would consider doing so is with a nude woman like yourself. Do you think that you & I could do a photo-shoot toghether to help me? I really do need the money.

    2. Dear Nancy, as a Master of Photography and Ms Photogenic Glamor Phtographer of the Year I have done many Glamour and Nude photos of young and older women and all have been good experiences and created lasting images that are saved and shared.

      Yes there is a lot of sensual flattery and compliments to make the female feel good about herself, but only poses and conversations that she is totally comfortable and likes. … Richard D.

  5. Great advice Nancy

    I am doing a diploma in digital photography and would love to do some nudes but have no experience
    would you like to be the model for me and I can come out with some deal so you dont just loose your time but you also gain something for it?

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