In Treatment Week 9 Jake And Amy Thursday 5PM S01E42 (HBO)

In Treatment will last a total of 43 episodes. In Treatment is based on the Israeli series Betipul. Gabriel Byrne plays Paul Weston, a psychologist trying to deal with his patients while going through some personal problems. Each show focuses on a different patient. Mondays feature Laura, an anesthesiologist infatuated with Paul. Tuesdays feature Alex, an ex-fighter pilot traumatized by events that happened a few years ago. Wednesdays feature Sophie, a suicidal teenage gymnast with Olympic aspirations. Thursdays feature Jake and Amy, a couple in couple’s counseling. Fridays feature Gina, Paul’s own therapist and mentor that he stopped seeing 8 years ago for some reason.

I’ve always loved psychology. This show really feeds that need. The sessions are almost verbatim of what would happen in a real session. This show is about characters, not actions. It’s a very smart show and I am also very surprised that Marky Mark is the executive producer. Marky Mark has had success with Entourage so it makes sense that he decided to try out other projects.

This is a great show. I really liked it. I find that it’s best to watch it a few episodes at a time. I recommend this show. I like watching it in batches. Since the show only lasts between 21 and 29 minutes, this is easy to do. My favorite sessions are with Sophie. Jake and Amy’s sessions are harder to watch, since most married couples have gone through problems at some point in their lives. But they are enlightening.

In this session Jake and Amy have decided to get a divorce. I think that they still have a chance. Paul implies the same thing. However they have to decide on this. Paul can’t make this decision for them. He explains that they came all this way in therapy for a reason. They always came together. It would be wasteful to just abandon all of this right now. I’m not sure that they heard this.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

* * * * *

Jake and Amy show up together for therapy. Jake says that he’s going to miss this office. He tells Paul that this is their last session. They are getting a divorce.

They spent most of the week apart. It was Jake’s idea. Amy doesn’t want to talk about her week. Jake that he is feeling better this week. They start to bicker. Actually Amy is itching for a fight. Jake doesn’t really want to. She heard him play this week at Elliot’s. She never came in. She had planned to. She didn’t come in because of Paul. Amy is sorry that she ever suggested coming to see Paul. She sees the therapy as a failure.

Paul says that they fell in to a pattern of provoking each other. Paul reminds her that she felt depressed when Lenny was born. Jake felt pure unadultered elation. Amy wonders why that their relationship isn’t working. She’s a pessimist. He’s an optimist. They can’t hide behind their patterns anymore. They are emotionally naked.

She used to cry in front of the television after Lenny was born. Then Lenny would cry. When Jake came home, he would take Lenny to another room. In a way, she felt like Jake thought she had betrayed him. Jake says that she did. She’d been unhappy in her relationship. She didn’t get better when they started seeing each other. She didn’t feel better when they had a baby. She apologizes to Jake. Jake says that he is sorry as well. He’s screwed up a lot of things. He’s sorry that he got angry. He says that he got scared.

Amy says that they both got scared. She is going to miss their family. Paul says that they both came to this place together. They loved each other deeply. They should draw strength from each other and not turn away.
Paul says that they are a unique couple. Passion like they have is a rare commodity. But passion isn’t enough to sustain love for a lifetime.

Amy assumes that they will have joint custody. Jake agrees. Amy says that she isn’t working anymore. She slept with his boss. She has a wife. He didn’t want her around anymore. She was fired. She’s got a bit of a cushion with the severance package.

Amy is surprised that Jake told his parents about their problems. They talk about when they tried to tell Lenny about sex. It was a fiasco. Amy thought it was important that Lenny knew that sex was pleasurable.

Amy realizes that their marriage is over. She starts to cry. I think that there still is hope for them, even with all of their problems. Jake wants to leave. The session is over. The next patients arrive in the waiting room. Jake wants to get drunk.

* * * * *

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