Torchwood Adrift S02E11 (BBC)

Torchwood is a science fiction drama television program, created by Russell T Davies and starring John Barrowman and Eve Myles. It deals with the machinations and activities of the Cardiff branch of the fictional Torchwood Institute, who deal with supernatural occurrences. An initial 13-part series was commissioned by the BBC as a spin-off from the long-running science fiction program Doctor Who with which it is closely interlinked.

From the Torchwood Wikipedia entry.

After epiosde 9, which was a great show, this show is also bit of a disappointment. I was expecting more once again. It’s a bit pathetic. Hopefully the season will end well.

Gwen finds out that the rift not only spits things out, it also takes things. People are swallowed up. Dozens are missing and Torchwood isn’t doing anything for them. Actually Jack is doing something, but it’s something that he tries to keep from the other members of the team.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

* * * * *

A teenager is walking home late at night. His name is Jonah Bevan. His mom is waiting for him. He gets an SMS message from her and he replies. Seconds later, he is abducted by something. All that is left of him is his cell phone.
Seven months later, Gwen is getting briefed on the situation by her friend Andy, a PC. He didn’t come to the wedding. She wasn’t happy about this. He’s still got feelings for Gwen. They went out years ago. He’s got CCTV footage. He just disappeared. There was some kind of flare and the boy just disappeared. 45 minutes later, Jack is there in the Torchwood Range Rover.

Gwen has Tosh run a check. Jack doesn’t have a plausible explanation. There was no rift activity. Jack goes Weevil hunting with Ianto. Gwen is having tea with Andy. Andy guilt trips her into visiting Nicky Bevan, Johan’s mom. Nicky is obsessed. She has thousands of hours of crowd footage. She goes through it frame by frame to find an image of her missing son.

She goes home late. They wanted to have a talk about babies. Rhys and Gwen get frisky. Tosh phones her to tell her that she found something. She discovered a negative rift activity. Tosh hypothesizes that the rift might not just deposit strange things, but might actually take them as well. This would account for the negative reading in rift activity. Gwen asks Tosh to keep this quiet.

Andy and Gwen go to the missing persons support group that Nicky has set up. A lot of people show up. Gwen thinks that she can correlate these disappearances with negative rift activity.

In the last 10 years, hundreds have gone missing. She tells the team. There isn’t much that they can do. The rift spikes are unpredictable. Gwen isn’t happy. As she leaves, she sees Ianto and Jack talking about something sinisterly. She takes it out on Rhys. She doesn’t want children.

Gwen goes to Torchwood and finds Ianto and Jack getting frisky together. Jack doesn’t want her to continue to investigate it. It’s like he knows what is going on, but won’t tell her. She gets a GPS phone at her desk from an anonymous source. It points to Fat Home Island in the Bristol Channel. She suspects Ianto, but he won’t admit to it. He hangs up on her.

On the way out, she dumps Andy on the docks. She doesn’t want him to come with her to the island. The boat drops her off. From the top of the lighthouse, she sees a few people escorting someone under a sheet. Jack is there. It leads her to an underground facility. It’s like a mental ward. All of the people who have disappeared are here. Jack arrives. Gwen sees Jonah. He’s deformed and has aged.

Jack tells Gwen that he set this up. 17 people are staying here. Jack says that they are sick, they can’t be fixed. They can only be looked after. Gwen plans on telling Nicky. Nicky is doubtful, but she goes to see her son. She believes that he is her son. She wants to take him, but when she tries to, Jonah enters his downward phase. He screams for 20 hours a day. He saw into the heart of a dark star. It drove him insane.

One week later, Nicky asks Gwen not to do this to anyone else. Before Gwen, Nicky had hope. Now all that is left is the scream.

* * * * *

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