Torchwood Fragments S02E12 (BBC)

Torchwood is a science fiction drama television program, created by Russell T Davies and starring John Barrowman and Eve Myles. It deals with the machinations and activities of the Cardiff branch of the fictional Torchwood Institute, who deal with supernatural occurrences. An initial 13-part series was commissioned by the BBC as a spin-off from the long-running science fiction program Doctor Who with which it is closely interlinked.

From the Torchwood Wikipedia entry.

This was a good show. I was actually surprised. Most of this season’s shows were abysmal. This one was good since we discovered how all of the current members of the Torchwood team came to join Jack’s renegade branch.

All of the team walk into a trap. It’s up to Gwen to save them. Captain John Hart makes a return.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

* * * * *

All members of the Torchwood team, except Gwen, walk into a trap. They travel to a warehouse containing unfamiliar alien life signs. They find explosives. They detonate. Gwen slept in.

There is flashback to 1392 earlier deaths in Jack’s life. It’s in Victorian times. He wakes up in a gutter with a broken bottle in his belly. Two women take him out. He wakes up captured and they start to torture him. One of them shoots him in the head. He still survives. They work for Torchwood Cardiff and want to know why he’s alive after being killed 14 times in the last six months. They want to know about the Doctor. Jack says that the Doctor refuels at the rift from time to time. They give him an ultimatum. That is how Jack started working for Torchwood. They send him to hunt an alien.

It’s the same kind of crayfish head alien from earlier in the season. The Torchwood gal kills him. As long as Jack works for the Empire, he isn’t considered a threat. If he stops working for them, they’ll take care of him.
When he goes out drinking, a little girl reads cards for him. She tells him that the one he is looking for him is coming. She also says that he’s got a hundred years to wait. He starts to work for Torchwood.

The flashback goes forward to 1999. Jack comes in and finds his team murdered. A guy named Alex from his team killed everyone. He’s got some strange artefact in his hand. It’s a locket. It showed him the future and what was coming. He killed them as mercy killings. He gives Torchwood 3 to Jack for a century worth of service as a covert operative in Torchwood. Alex kills himself.

Jack wakes up and is rescued by Gwen and Rhys.

Toshiko is still underneath the rubble. Her flashback goes back 5 years. She was working for the DOD at the Lodmoor Research facility. Actually she was a double agent and is in the middle of stealing secrets. She stole plans for a strange device that she uses to assemble her own hodgepodge version. She goes to see the people who have kidnapped her mother. She exchanges the device for her mum. It’s a sonic modulator. They want more from Toshiko. They use the sonic modulator to torture Toshiko and her mum. They are all caught by UNIT. She has her citizenship and rights revoked. She’s in solitary confinement until Jack recruits her for Torchwood. Jack tells her that the plans she stole didn’t work originally. She managed to assemble a functioning sonic modulator and correct the plans automatically.

Tosh is still stuck and has broken her arm, but she’s still alive.

The flashback for Ianto goes back 21 months. Jack was fighting a Weevil. Ianto helped him out. His name is Ianto Jones. Ianto calls the Weevil Weevil. The next day, Ianto is waiting for Jack outside of Torchwood. Ianto was working for Torchwood London. Jack had already severed links with Torchwood London. Jack doesn’t want to hire him.

Ianto tells him that he needs his help catching a pterodactyl. Ianto is hired.

Owen is still dead and can’t heal anymore. Owen’s flashback takes place 4 years earlier. He was planning his wedding with his fiancée. When Katie goes to make a cup of tea, she spaces out. She got some medical condition. She has the early onset of Alzheimer’s. It turns out that she’s got a strange tumour in her brain. They need to remove it. In the operating theatre, there is a strange noise. Jack turns up. Katie had an alien lifeform incubating in her brain. When it feels threatened, it releases a toxic gas that is fatal to humans.

Owen wakes up in the hospital after Jack knocked him out. Owen sees Jack at Katie’s gravesite. He runs and hits him a few times. Jack recruits Owen.

Gwen finds Owen and is able to pull him away from the collapsing sheet of glass. They all make it out. Jack gets a message from Captain John Hart. He’s got his brother Gray, or at least a projection of him. He plans on making Jack’s life miserable. He was the one who planted the bombs.

* * * * *

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