Survivor Micronesia A Lost Puppy Dog S16E08 (CBS)

It’s been two weeks since the last episode and things are looking dire for the fans. At Malakal, only Erik is left after she tried unsuccessfully to get Ozzy out by appealing to Ami and Amanda.

Even though Airai is stuck at the pitiful beach, they are doing very well in challenges. They keep winning and Malakal keep losing. Ozzy isn’t enough for Malakal to win.

Parvati is still sporting a big bruise on her face from the most recent challenges, which got physical. It’s too bad that Penner is out. There is a bit of sneakiness missing in the most recent Survivor.

Warning spoilers ahead

* * * * *

Erik is worried about being the last fan in his tribe. He knows that he’s next out. Ozzy didn’t like being called out the leader of his tribe. It paints a target on his back.

Cirie and Ami are out hunting for crabs. They manage to catch a few. Ozzy talks about this with Ami. She tells him not to worry. She mentions that Tracey was campaigning against Ozzy. She tells him that she is on his side. Ozzy thinks that she’s too adamant about being on his side. He’s starting to worry. He gets an uneasy feeling.

At Airai, Jason kills a rat. Parvati is trying to impress the favourites. Parvati thinks that Jason is a loser. James and Parvati commiserate about the location of their camp. They all want to go back to Malakal. Parvati wants Alexis and Natalie as part of the final four of their tribe before the merge. Parvati thinks that Ozzy and James will have the big targets on their backs. She reasons that herself, Amanda, Nat and Lexi to the final four.

The tribes have an immunity challenge today. They have to pick on member of the other tribe to give them individual immunity for this challenge. The tribes head over for the challenge. It’s started raining. The immune people will be sent to Exile Island.

Airai decides to send Ozzy to Exile. Alexis is sent away. Originally it was Jams, but they changed their minds. They have to run across a balance themed obstacle course while the other tribe tries to get them off by swinging bags at them. Winning tribe gets immunity, pizza and beer. Amanda continues to wear her super low riding swimsuit. It’s extremely sexy.

Erik and Jason are through quickly. Both girls fall down. Jason and Erik got to go through the course again. Jason is a bit faster than Erik, but less dramatic. Erik leapt across the gap in an impressive manner, sidestepping the balancing stepping stones. Eric tries for the fourth time to leap across the gap and hits the platform hard. Amanda falls off. Jason comes back with the fifth and final flag for Airai. They win immunity in a convincing manner.

Ami thinks that it’s time for Erik to go.

Meanwhile at Airai, the tribe receives beer and pizza. Parvati thinks that both Jason and Eliza were on the outs that’s why they gave their 110% to win immunity. James has got a cool party trick. He opens beer bottles with his teeth. When Jason tries to emulate him unsuccessfully, he opens his bottle in a nanosecond.

At Exile Island, Ozzy finds out that someone has taken his fake hidden immunity idol.

Erik tries to get Cirie and Amanda by saying that Ami isn’t trustworthy. Cirie knows that Ami has demonstrated that she can’t be trusted time and time again. Cirie doesn’t trust Ami or Erik. Her dilemma is whom does she trust the least between those two.

Ami tries to do some damage control. They all pity Erik. Ami is hot. She reminds me of the Patsy Kensit who played South African Rika Van Den Haas in Lethal Weapon 2.

Amanda tells the camera that they know that they can’t trust Ami. But it’s better with the devil you know that with the devil you don’t. They don’t know Erik. Ami comes to rub it in Erik’s face after she shares a hug with Amanda and Cirie. Erik is waiting for Ozzy when he comes back.

Ozzy says that Erik is looking like a lost puppy dog. Erik says that Ami tried to get Ozzy out. Erik says that he will vote for Ami. Ozzy talks with Amanda. Ozzy is adamant to get rid of Ami, since she tried to get him off. Amanda looks uncomfortable since she was part of that discussion as well.

It’s time for tribal council. Ozzy makes a speech about how Ami has been trying to get rid of Ozzy. Ami starts to cry. They start to have a little argument right there in tribal.

Ami’s pleas aren’t enough to save her. She gets voted out for having tried to get rid of Ozzy and others before.

* * * * *

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