Blogging Habits

What are your blogging habits?

What do you use to read your blogs?

Do you spend hours each day reading content?

I’ve been using Google Reader and even though if I was initially put off by the interface, it’s grown on me, just like the Gmail interface. I wish that more people would just publish their whole posts through their feeds instead of excerpts.

I read blogs posts everyday, but contrary to compulsive blog readers, it’s something I really enjoy. I take my time. I rarely comment on blogs. I used to comment a lot. I comment from time to time on blogs of people that I’ve known for a while, and on my own blog, but most of the time, I just read posts diagonally. There are some exceptions of course. Like Dooce. I find Heather’s posts really nifty and I savor them. Some of the bigger blogs don’t even allow comments, so the only way to comment would be to reblog them and send a trackback.

I’ve structured my blog reading as well. The first thing I do is go through the link blogs that I read, like Kottke, Clusterflock and a few others. If there are any interesting links, I blog them. Otherwise I move on. Then I read the blogs that post content. Some blogs like Dosh Dosh, Steve Pavlina and Copyblogger require that I focus completely on them. So I leave these for later.

I’ve got more than a few math blogs that I read. Most of them are from professors. Naturally, I don’t understand everything in their posts, but what I do understand is really interesting. There are art blogs, design blogs, photography blogs and a selection of others. At the last count, I think I’m reading under 200 blogs.

Then there are the people I’ve actually met and know. Followed by the people that I’ve been reading for years like K, Jessica Doyle, Angry Aussie and Lenina.

Author: range

I'm mathematician/IT strategist/blogger from Canada living in Taipei.

6 thoughts on “Blogging Habits”

  1. Range, remember the coComments? That’s how we started reading each others blog. Remember the guys who got mad at de-linking? Remember how we ranked in the wordpress top blogs?

    Well I blog because there are few blogs that you read that grows on you, commenting or not.

    I am using Kinja feeds. Thanks for the mention. Is this like your Anniversary post? Been years huh?

  2. Blogging is writer’s crack…

    Instead of writing my book and waiting who knows how long for someone to read it, I have become addicted to the instant fix of having people read my writing almost as soon as I hit the button to publish. I dubbed it “instant art-ification”… and of course, blogged about it

    It is addicting 🙂 God help my deadlines…

    Great blog! Amie

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