Crystal Castles Replies

I wrote this little post about what I thought was a case of copyright infringement by Crystal Castles on the artist Trevor Brown. Naturally, I didn’t have all the facts. To that effect, Andy has sent me his comments via email. I have chosen to post the other side of the story here.

Your article on CC is extremely biased. It seems you have believed Trevor’s fabricated tale which has been designed to get his own website attention.

The band would never steal art from anyone, they had Trevor’s permissioni 2006. By fluke the band became successful and Trevor changed his mind about the band using his art, therefore the band STOPPED SELLING THE SHIRTS. Trevor wanted retroactive payment for the shirts, the band tried to pay him to keep him happy and to show they appreciated his talent.

Yes the band’s lawyer wrote an unfair contract, the band had the lawyer ammend the contract and delete the unfairness. These are facts Trevor would never tell you on his website. Instead of helping him bring attention to his own website I would appreciate it if you would delete your post. This is unfairly hurting the band! They have tried everything in their power to keep him happy, they have stopped selling his shirts, even though they were printed with his permission.

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13 thoughts on “Crystal Castles Replies”

  1. Keeping Trevor Brown happy entails giving him an “unfair contract” he must sign or else he gets nothing???

    Let’s talk “the facts” about this Andy person……..

    – He’s “a friend of the band” who patrols their Myspace deleting any comment which falls below sycophantic and “doesn’t show the band’s viewpoint”.

    – He claims Crystal Castles are doing remixes for Madonna and Madonna gave Crystal Castles permission to use Trevor’s drawing!

    – He claims Chanal are sponsoring Crystal Castles after learning the band stole their logo.

    – He claims Trevor is a pedophile who chains five year old girls to his bed.

    – In short, you cannot believe a single word he says.

    The smart money is on Trevor.

  2. haha..those are amazing facts mandy..and im guessing you’re a friend of trevor?lol..this is too funny..CC “stole chanal’s logo”??? why cause they have a picture of chanal on their myspace?? so i guess i should take down the picture of my Honda Civic emblam off of my myspace before Honda decides to sue me right?..its seems like everyone who is defending trevor is obviously to closed minded to see the real have to be for supporting his work..and yes..if your art represents you..he’s a pedophile

    my view..i recall seeing trevors name beside the tshirts ever since they started selling them..and its obvious he’s trying to profit off of their recent success by dishonoring a previous agreement they made by demanding a lot more money…so i would say money is on CC..

    and as for unfair…i read those “unfair comments” in his blog when he had them up.. and i really dont see them as unfair…when you liscence art..or pay for someones use of want immunity from any prospective lawsuits coming your way for using that art..why else would you pay for liscencing if your just going to get sued for it in the future…and it looks like trevor knows he cant provide this immunity for the use of a Madonna image cause he doesnt own madonna…and so instead of accepting CC’s offer he’s deciding to make CC look like bad guys again and saying they steal his work..CC doesnt steal..if they were stealers they wouldnt even offer trevor a contract..just ask grand master flash and he’ll tell you CC are fair..ethan and alice are the nicest artists i’ve met in a long time…and for mandy’s i a friend of theirs? I met them a few times and i would be honored if they considered me a friend.

    i gotta go delete that picture of my honda now..sorry i dont have time for more of these childish name calling games

  3. My understanding, from reading Trevor’s blog, is that Trevor does not want to license the artwork to them, he just wants punitive damages for the violation of his copyright.

    And legally, if he sued, CC would have to pay $50,000 for each violation. 50 grand for the use on the 7 inch, 50 grand for the use on the myspace page, 50 grand for the use on the t-shirts, 50 grand for the use in the album artwork, 50 grand every time it was used as a poster for a live show. That would all add up to a LOT of money. I’m sure what he’s asking for now is way less than that… they should probably settle with him, because legally he’s right. They violated his copyright when they used the image without permission, which by their own admission they did. They didn’t even know who he was when they found the image and used it.

  4. In light of the new evidence of Crystal Castles stealing, not only artwork, but now apparently music as well, the above blog post might be seen in a slightly different light.

    and since this report, there have been several new discoveries of CC songs RELEASED on their new CD that contains uncleared pieces of other chiptune musicians’ tracks.

    Now, keep in mind that the chiptune community is founded on the concept of sharing ideas and music, and the musicians mostly release their work under creative commons licenses- usually of the non-commerical/attribution variety. This means that others CAN sample them, in fact that is why they released it this way. But, the license also says that you must credit the author and not release it commercially, but under the same license as the original. Crystal Castles did not satisfy these very clear and important aspects of the license. In fact they did not ever and still have not even contacted the artists- Lo-bat and Covox. Andy, has been quite dishonest in his dealings with those questioning this on the forum, where the story originated.

    Lastly, “Ethan” (Claudio) from Crystal Castles, has distanced himself from the chiptune community in the past, claiming he wrote the music BEFORE he knew about the chiptune community. The sampled chiptune songs by Lo-bat and Covox show that this is a lie and it reveals his complete disrespect for the artists he is ripping off. Nice one Claudio. What an ass.

  5. Thanks for this information Chris. It seems that there is more to this story than it originally appeared to be.

  6. “The band would never steal from anyone”


    You shoulda listened to ME!
    Andy is full of shit.
    I told you so!

  7. Last I checked, using drums and reconstituting them hardly means ripping someone off. If it had been a meoldy,….fair enough.
    And Insecticon is a sample indeed, but there is a new melody cut out
    from that, and it was never released, according to the band.

    All points lead me to believe there is a lot of jealous, bitter spite pointed towards Crystal Castles.
    I’ve listened to their album a lot since I got it, and none of the really great songs that are on the album have any resemblance to
    the video game scene. just the odd, and not even very good instrumentals.

    Mandy, might be a good idea if you stuck with facts in your blatant accusations.
    I wonder what evdidence do you have to back up this “we say, they say” argument?
    Proper news is reported on with responsibility, and facts are checked and cleared.
    Blog news and “comments” sections are rants, tirades, and pure heresay.
    It’s obviously granted your friends some sympathy, but it’s pretty darn hollow at best.

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