Spring In Quebec


Is it spring yet?


Most definitely.

That doesn’t take away the snow that we still have on the ground. It’s been a record breaking winter, with about 500 cm of snow.

Today was the first day of nice and warm weather. Warm enough to walk around in a short sleeved shirt. Hormones are in the air at the university. Girls are coming out of their shells. I no longer need to wear any extra layers. That is amazing. I’ve been wearing thermal underwear until a few days ago. I finally put them aside.

End of term. Last week of school. Actually, there are still two more weeks left. Next week, I have got four exams in two days. The next week, I’ll have to finish my last homework that’s due on May 2nd. I’ll try finishing it this weekend, but things are not looking good for that.

It’s going to be raining all weekend. At least that will make me study. I was planning on running a bit in the neighborhood, but I’m not that well equipped. Actually, it should be too bad since I’ve got some shorts.

I cut my hair last night. It wasn’t the best idea, but given the tools that I had at the time, my hair’s looking good. I waited too long to cut it and ran into all sorts of problems. I think that there might be parts in the back that aren’t all that even, but I’ve always recently gone for a mini mohawk Beckham style. It doesn’t matter. Cutting your own hair, without a clipper, is kind of like a work in progress. It’s simple enough and I don’t do things like layering, but the end result is alright.

I finished a class today. I still have classes tomorrow. Next Wednesday, I usually have 6 hours worth of classes. In one class, people are presenting their projects. In the other two, the professors will be answering questions. Then on Thursday, I have two exams. I have two more on Friday. I’ve already started preparing. I think it will go well, but it’s going to be stressful.

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I'm mathematician/IT strategist/blogger from Canada living in Taipei.

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