Big Brother US S09E25 (CBS)

Sheila doesn’t like being on the block. Ryan is pissed. Nat is trying to work both sides. Sheila is pissed. She says that she doesn’t trust Adam anymore. Sharon finds it funny because Adam just made himself the biggest target in the house. She’s going to keep it quiet. Sheila is starting to yell at Adam for nominating him. Ryan hears this from the bedroom.

If I don’t win (the POV) you or Nat will have to win it and use it on me.
Sheila to Ryan.

Ryan won’t do anything of the sort! Sheila is bitching to Ryan. Nat, Ryan and Sheila talk a bit of strategy. Nat is trying to calm Sheila down. They can still win this. Ryan thinks that either Nat or Ryan will be going up if Sharon or James win the POV. Nat is already planning on putting Adam up next week.

Adam asks Sharon if he did the right thing. She doesn’t know. He admits that he did the wrong thing. He just messed up. He tells Nat that he messed up. She tells him that he needs to win the POV to redeem himself. Adam says that if he wins POV he’ll put James up. Nat doesn’t trust him anymore.

Nat believes that James will use the POV. James walks in and says that he won’t use the POV. Sharon is pissed when she hears that James still wants to work with Nat, even though she doesn’t trust him. Sharon knows that she will get evicted unless she wins the POV. If the POV is used, James is going home.

James and Sharon are talking about home. Sharon says that she is seeing Jacob in a different way. They agree to mutually support themselves.

Sheila starts to clean a bit. She also whinges.

It’s time for the POV comp. They have to guess the right date of Chelsia’s eviction. Nat is evicted during the first turn. This is a strange competition. The HM have to find two numbers in the garden and then come and kneel to an idol of a weather god. Isn’t this blasphemy for all those Christians in the house? They don’t seem to mind. Or maybe they are just too stupid to realize it. Adam tricked James in the second round. Sheila is eliminated. It’s because Adam whispered that the answer was 32, when it was 16. Adam answered 23. James is out in the third round. Sharon, Ryan and Adam are still in the competition. Adam and Ryan are sure that James will be gone. Sharon is out in the fourth round. It’s between Ryan and Adam. Adam tells Ryan that he’ll give him the POV. Ryan wins POV.

Team Christ is celebrating. Sharon tells Sheila that James told her that Nat would try to work with him. Sheila is trying to convince Ryan that they should work together and get Nat out at some point.

James can’t sleep. Ryan is chillin’. James pitches the idea that they should put Nat up. Ryan asks him straight up if Nat has been coming to him to try to work together. Ryan realizes that Nat is working both sides. James and Ryan are talking about having an alliance.

Ryan decided to use the POV on Sheila. Adam nominates James.

Ryan you have chose.
Adam not being able to conjugate properly.

James is a goner.

* * * * *

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