Camelbak Care Package

After I posted this story on my blog, I got this response from Camelbak.

I was actually very surprised by its content. The marketing department didn’t give me a lot of details.

I got four Camelbak Better Bottles. A 1L which replaces my lost one, a 750ML and a 500ML. On top of that, I got their new BPA free Classic Cap 750ML bottle. Needless to say that it made my day.

I also got two t-shirts and a hoodie.

Thanks Camelbak!

I must have drunk 4L of water on Friday thanks to my bottles. I’ve been using the 750ML BPA free bottle with a sucking cap as my main bottle. I like the smaller 500ML bottle as well. I’m happy that I got a light blue 1L bottle. Initially, this was the color that I wanted to get. In the shop in Taipei, where they retail for about 9USD (they retail for about 14USD in the US), the blue ones didn’t have the plastic shrink wrap on, so I just went with the gray one.

* * * * *

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