Moonlight Fated To Pretend S01E13 (CBS)

It’s been a while since there has been a vampire show on TV. Angel was just a continuation of Buffy. Blade was an action show. Moonlight is somewhere in between. It’s gritty and romantic, which isn’t appalling. Unlike Angel and Forever Knight, Mick St-John isn’t that old of a vampire, so the flashbacks all take place in the 1950s to 1970s.

Alex O’Loughlin plays Mick St-John, a vampire private detective. He is a vampire who fully remembers what it meant to be human and longs to be human. Before the break, the big intrigue was that his vampiric ex-wife came back human. Since Mick longs to be human, he needs to find out if there is a cure for vampirism. Coraline disappeared before Mick could investigate it fully. He managed to get some of her blood though.

It was announced on December 4th that Moonlight would return for a second season next year. That is good news. The last two episodes of Moonlight have finally aired. I enjoyed both of them. The last episode gives a surprising explanation of the Reign of Terror during the French Revolution. I thought that this was very interesting. Coraline is out of the picture for now, but it would be nice to see what happens to her in Europe. There hasn’t been much revealed about vampiric society and these tidbits make it really tantalizing to see the interpretation.

I equate Mick with a vampire looking for Golconda., a state of enlightenment from the fictional World of Darkness. In this episode, Mick and Beth get closer together while he explores his new humanity. However it’s short lived since a vampire threatens her safety and Mick has to make the ultimate sacrifice once again, this time willingly to save the girl he loves.

This episode was good. Naturally, Mick couldn’t really remain human forever. It’s too bad that Coraline is back with her sire getting severely punished for having stolen the compound.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

* * * * *

It’s been 55 years since Mick slept in a bed. He’s enjoying it. He doesn’t miss sleeping in an industrial freezer. It’s been 6 days since he’s took the cure. Mick enjoys coffee and orange juice. He has a nice see-through mug. He meets Beth on the beach for some food.

He tells Beth that he thinks that the cure will last about 6 months. Mick mentions that at Josh’s funeral, she was wearing his ring. She says that even if Josh would have proposed to her, she wouldn’t have been able to say yes. She says that it’s high time that Mick figures out what to do with her. She’s figured out that Mick has feelings for her and she’s got feelings for her as well.

He meets Josef, who’s busy remodelling his place. He tells Mick to do something about Beth before it’s too late. Beth gets called into work. She finds the Buzzwire offices ransacked. Her boss Maureen is dead. She calls the cops. Maureen’s computer is missing. Beth surmises that the killer took the computer. At the morgue, it turns out that Maureen was either shot by a vampire or around one. Mick can’t smell it anymore, but Guillermo can.

They break into Maureen’s place to find her backups. Mick is surprised when Travis, Maureen’s cat, takes a liking to him. Animals are usually afraid of vampires. Beth founds the flash drive, but it’s password protected. He brings it to his hacker contact Logan. He says that the files are encrypted. Mick figures out that she was using Travis as a password. She was covering some political scandal. They also find some files on Josef Kostan, running some charity scandal. There was also some diet scandal.

Josef exonerates himself easily. Beth checks out the diet scandal, while Mick goes to see Morrow. Morrow somehow covered up something to do with his wife’s death three years ago. He’s milking it for PR. Mick meets Bonnie, Morrow’s daughter. Morrow hasn’t got much to say and is quickly whisked away by his campaign model.

They look at Jill Button’s body, the model who was endorsing the diet donuts. They find out that she had liposuction recently. Beth is confronted by the ambitious DA who replaced Josh. He wants her to stop investigating Maureen’s death.

Logan has found Mr. Luis Perez, the tipster who told Maureen about Morrow. Mick has to chase him down. He ran because he thought that he was INS. Perez was the valet that night where the Morrows ate. It turns out that Kent Morrow was driving. He was drunk. Perez says that he didn’t contact anybody. Someone made it look like the emails came from Perez. It turns out that the emails were sent from the campaign manager’s computer. Mick confronts Morrow. Talbot and Beth turn up.

Mick suspects Bonnie when she runs away. She wants to commit suicide. He tries to talk her down. She accuses her dad of killing her mother when he walks up. She just wanted to tell the world about her father. She’s about to jump. She actually jumps and Mick catches her in mid-jump to save her. Beth was really worried about Mick. They think that it’s back to the donut queen. Talbot tells them that Button’s autopsy was paid off by Button’s plastic surgeon. That’s why the liposuction scars weren’t mentioned in the report.

Mick asks Beth over for dinner. The next morning they interview Button’s plastic surgeon. Anders refuses to hand over his files. It turns out that Anders is a vampire and attacks Talbot. Mick’s gun is knocked aside by the vampire. Beth picks it up and shoots Anders a few times. It just makes matters worse.

The story picks up two hours later when Mick wakes up. He heads over to the coroner’s office to get some treatment by Guillermo. It turns out that Anders’ plastic surgery practice was just a cover for him selling rare blood to vampires. Anders took Talbot and Beth.

Mick is getting ready and packing some weapons to face Anders. Josef turns up to dissuade him from going after Beth as a human. Mick wants Josef to turn him once again. He does so after Mick pleads him to do so.

Mick and Josef make quick work of Anders and his vampire pals.

Beth and Mick have a bittersweet date until Mick finally kisses Beth again on the rooftop. Just like Josef, she was telling him that what was keeping them apart was Mick.

* * * * *

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