Reaper Acid Queen S01E13 (CW)

Reaper is an American supernatural television dramedy created by Tara Butters and Michele Fazekas, who also serve as executive producers alongside Mark Gordon, Deborah Spera and Tom Spezialy. Kevin Smith directed the pilot, and is a creative consultant for the series.

In this episode, Sam and Andy finally get closer. Cady is long gone and the Devil warns the guys off Steve and Tony. They are finally to make up with their demon neighbors. However, this can’t be a coincidence. Sam has to capture an acid flinging beauty queen.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

* * * * *

Sam is trying to reach Katie. She hasn’t called him. Ben and Sock are still going on about the demons living next to them. Andy takes Sam apart. She tells him that she likes him. He doesn’t know what to say. It took seeing Sam with another woman for her to realize this.

Steve and Tony drop by. The guys are a bit leery of them since they learned that they are demons. They are trying to dump the gay demon guys.

The next day, Ben and Sock heard Tony crying through the walls. Sam finally tells his mates that he needs to dump Katie’s ass and get with Andy.

Sam gets a new vessel at work. It’s bottle of bubbles. The Devil takes him away to a fashion shoot. He shows her a model that was burned by acid. The scars are a courtesy of Nicole Manders.

Sock, Ben and Sam are still trying to avoid Tony and Steve. It’s getting awkward.

Manders used to work at Seattle Style. They spot this strange guy that they approach to talk about Manders. She got in a fight with Angela. Manders got fired. Angela writes a column called IT Girl. She hangs out at a local hip bar. They find her in the VIP lounge. They spot Nicky in the VIP lounge.

Sock and Ben jump the bouncer long enough for Sam to get into the VIP lounge. Nicky’s blood is acid. She’s about to pounce on Angela. Sam spots her. He runs after her. She escaped.

The next morning Steve and Tony stop at The Work Bench. They know that Sam’s a reaper. Sam kind of blows it when he asks them if they ate anyone.

The guys use a dummy to stake out Seattle Style. Angela usually writes there at night. They have laid a trap for Nicky. She shows up. They haven’t been able to get her. She eludes them again.

Ben and Sock drop Sam off at the condo. They don’t see Nicky, who’s waiting for Sam. Sam’s about to get toasted. Steve saves him.

The Devil warns Sam off Steve and Tony. Sam apologizes to Steve. Steve is surprised to hear that the Devil is hanging out with Sam from time to time. They make up. Steve tells Sam that Tony is putting together a Seattle Style party. Sam asks him to get him into that party.

Tony is able to work his magic. Andy comes along. At the party, Ben and Sock are distracted by all of the hot chicks around. Andy arrives. Nicky sees them getting a drink. Sock hits on Angela. Andy and Sam kiss.

Katie is actually spelled Cady. WTF. Cady calls Sam. Andy walks away. Sam sees Nicky go after Andy. The guys go after them. They are able to save Andy but end up crashing the BMW that they borrowed.

Nicky is about to burn Sam, but he finally manages to capture her by blowing bubbles. Andy is hurt. Sam is freaking out but the guys calm him down.

The Devil turns up to congratulate Sam for capturing the escaped soul. Sam isn’t happy. He doesn’t like putting his friends at risk. Sam doesn’t tell Andy anything. He tells her that there are things that he won’t ever be able to tell her.

As he arrives home, Steve wants to talk to Sam in private. He brings him into his private room. No one can hear them in here. Not even the Devil. Steve tells him that he is rare. The Devil doesn’t talk to everyone. That means that Sam is special.

* * * * *

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