Reaper Rebellion S01E14 (CW)

Reaper is an American supernatural television dramedy created by Tara Butters and Michele Fazekas, who also serve as executive producers alongside Mark Gordon, Deborah Spera and Tom Spezialy. Kevin Smith directed the pilot, and is a creative consultant for the series.

In this episode, Sam and Andy make out for a few times. Sam tries to slow it down, however he learns that Steve and Tony have got their own plans about the Devil. I think that they are very naive. The Devil can’t really be killed or replaced. Naturally they don’t suspect anything until it’s too late.

Sam and the Devil become kind of fake buddies in order for Sam to lure him into a trap. The trap fails and the Devil is happy.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

* * * * *

Andy is recovering well from her accident. She’s been having hallucinations. She talks with the doctor. It turns out that the doc was just a janitor hired by Sam to convince Andy that everything is OK. She didn’t see any demons.

The guys have been receiving a lot of goods from the old owner. He has been mistakenly sending his new purchases to his old house. The Devil summons Sam. The new soul is Cubby Bryce. He’s a lawyer and an ambulance chaser. He’s been bleeding people dry, literally.

Andy is back at the Work Bench. She wants to go on a date with him. She hasn’t got any time to waste. The guys are happy that he is finally hooking up with Andy.

The demon neighbours want to talk with Sam in private. Steve and Tony are part of an underground alliance of demons trying to overthrow the Devil. They used to be angels. They followed Lucifer and got cast out of heaven. They believe that Sam can help them. They convince him by saying that once the Devil is gone, he won’t be there to collect his soul. He’ll be free. They are happy to have Sam as their inside man.

The Devil drops by. He’s mad because Sam refused to go out of ice cream. The Devil says that he is done. In the vessel box, Sam finds a whip.

Steve and Tony take Sam to meet the underground. It’s like an AA meeting for demons who are trying to be good. Sam isn’t impressed. He leaves. Tony runs after him. They have told Sam that the Devil can’t spy or come into rooms that are circular. All of the rooms they have talked in didn’t have any corners. Tony draws a chalk circle around them so that they can talk without being spied on by the Devil. He wants to ram a nuke down the Devil’s bum. He thinks that Steve peaceful resistance plan isn’t really going to work. It’s on a too long timeframe. He doesn’t have 3 or 4 centuries.

Cubby gives Sam a call after he left a message for him. He wants to meet about his injury claim. Cubby’s got giant leeches in his bag. He’s also got a giant proboscis in his mouth. Sam hasn’t got enough space or experience to work the whip. But after a few tries, he gets him.

Sam and Andy start to make out at work and cause some damage. Raging hormones. After meeting Josie, Ted wants to hook up with her. Later he tells Bert that their date went well. Ted says that Josie dates down.

Steve and Tony have a surprise for Sam. They have a replacement soul. They wanted Sam to sacrifice the drug dealer. Then Tony makes a speech. He wants the demons to be more proactive. He riles them out of their stupor. Tony wants Sam to summon the devil for them. Then they will kill him.

Sock drops by to see Josie. He’s jealous. He’s upset to think that Josie dated down when she dated him. Josie says that she dated him because he was sweet and made her laugh. Sock meets Ted at the door in Josie’s morning robe.

Sam tells the Devil that he wouldn’t mind going out for that banana split. The Devil can’t eat any ice cream. He’s too hot. A little departing gift from God. He loved God. He hasn’t talked about the Fall since it happened. The Devil sees Sam as a friend. The Devil gives him his number. He lives in Phoenix.

Tony plans on using the Sword of the Archangel Michael. It vanquished Lucifer himself in the first Heavenly War. The first part is to cut off his tongue, his hands and his heart in that specific order.

The number of the beast!
Says Tony when he looks at the Devil’s phone number.

Sam hasn’t told anything to his pals. Sam tells him that he feels bad about double crossing him. Andy comes by. The guys leave. Andy looks pretty good. Shortly after, they are making out on his couch. He tells her that there is a tiny part of his life that he can’t really talk about.

Steve comes barging in. He isn’t happy about Tony’s plan to kill the Devil. They argue. It’s because Steve convinced Tony to be part of the rebellion against God in heaven.

Tony drags Sam away to their party to kill the Devil. Things are going to go horribly wrong.

It turns out that Cubby Bryce was living at their place. Satan signed the lease. The Devil wanted them to move into their new crib. He did so because he knew that Sam would meet Steve and Tony and get involved in the rebellion. Ben calls Sam to warn him.

It turns out that they didn’t have the real sword, only a fake. The Devil appears. He’s proud of his boy Sam. He destroys the meeting place. He killed all of the rebelling demons. The Devil was tired of them. Steve’s plan was a threat to him. He tells Sam that he’s changing his cell phone number. Tony survived and he’s not happy.

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