Reaper Unseen S01E12 (CW)

Reaper is an American supernatural television dramedy created by Tara Butters and Michele Fazekas, who also serve as executive producers alongside Mark Gordon, Deborah Spera and Tom Spezialy. Kevin Smith directed the pilot, and is a creative consultant for the series.

In this episode, Sam has to capture an invisible enemy. His solution, paintball! Sam also makes a discovery about their new friendly neighbors Steve and Tony.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

* * * * *

Sock is living at The Work Bench, ever since his mom kicked him out. He phones Sam to tell him that he needs another place to live. Sam surprises a strange demon-like snores from Katie.

They all go bowling together. Katie can’t seem to miss the pins, even if she throws her ball away.

Ted has a staff meeting. He informs his staff that they have some shoplifting issues in their store. They will be installing a video surveillance system. Ben, Sock and Sam go check out an apartment. Sock forged their names on the lease.

Sam’s parents don’t want him to move out. He convinced them.

The Devil drops by. He wants him to rope in Herbert Scrim, a hermit hunter.

Josie and Andy drop by the new place. Sam hasn’t told Katie that he moved. Josie grills Andy about not telling Sam about the psycho break that Katie had with them. Another body is found. The vessel is a battery operated food processor that sends a blade swishing out.

At the Work Bench, Katie isn’t too pleased to learn that Sam moved out and that he didn’t tell her. She doesn’t make a big deal of it. She notices the cameras all over the floor. As they kiss, the glass door behind them shatters. It’s all because of Katie.

At their crib, they got three plasma screens installed on a Wii console. Nothing works. They get their gay neighbours to help. They get invited over for dinner tomorrow.

They go hunting for the soul in the woods. They make Ben climb up a tree, even though he never climbed one before. Naturally he falls down and they discover another body. This was a jogger they just saw minutes before. His name is Frank Moy.

They decide to go jogging. They find another dead jogger. Sock gets trapped in a … trap. The soul is invisible and starts to choke Sam. Sock tries to use the food processor, but the vessel doesn’t work for him. They are saved by the timely arrival of a dog walker.

The Devil gives him some glasses, which will help him see the true face of evil. Sam is about to put them on. The Devil stops him. Sam gives the glasses back after the Devil taunts him.

Katie pays Andy a visit. She is worried about Sam. He hasn’t been returning her calls. Katie wonders if it’s got something to do with her.

Sam, Ben and Sock head over to the neighbours’ apartment. They have a great time. Steven is in home security. He gives Sam an idea with his motion sensors. Sam notices all of the power sanders in one corner.

Ted comes home and finds the security cameras gone.

In the woods, there is a charity run happening. Sock is delegated to stop the runners from entering the woods.

It’s kind of like the movie Predator. The enemy is invisible and they have set up traps. They start to shoot with their paintball guns and realize that Sock’s got the vessel. Herbert attacks them. Sock arrives just in time to get the soul.

Ted is going nutty because the cameras are back. Sam brought them back. Andy asks Sam about Katie. She tells him to be careful with Katie.

At the crib, Sam asks the Devil if Katie is his daughter. He says no. The Devil leaves the true seeing glasses. It’s almost like something out of Dungeons & Dragons. He goes to meet Katie. The glasses reveal nothing about her. She says that she needs some space. She’s going to see her mom in New Mexico. She tells him that they will talk when she gets back.

For some reason, Steve and Tony have Sam’s shirts. They took them to dry cleaning. Sam drops in on them and finds them sanding down their demon horns. He tells Sock and Ben.

* * * * *

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