Month: May 2008

  • Nicola Tamindzic Interviewed

    An interview with Nicola Tamindzic.

  • Andrzej Dragan

    Andrzej Dragan’s amazing art and portfolio. (via cpluv)

  • VivaCalaca

    VivaCalaca is a short animation by Ritxi Ostáriz with music by Voltaire. It’s based on the Day of the Dead, celebrated every year in Mexico [El Día de los Muertos]. (via cpluv)

  • Snake Space

    Snake Space is the work of Dutch architect Maurice Nio.

  • Tegaki The Handwritten Blog

    Tegaki is a handwritten blog, through paper, Wacom tablets and other media forms. (via waxy)

  • Not Martha’s Note From The Lab Velocity

    Notes from the Lab at Velocity by Megan from Not Martha.

  • Maison Go

    The Maison Go was designed by Périphériques Architectes.

  • Big Brother Australia S08D032 (Channel Ten)

    Bianca, Dixie, Renee, Terri and Travis are in the danger zone. It’s just after 8AM. He’s got to bring BB breakie. Alice has been appointed the guardian of the seeing-eye dog Ollie. She’s got to train him everyday for this week’s house. Dixie is moping because of the laundry hand grenade.

  • Rain Rain Rain

    It started raining like crazy tonight. It was long due. However, there is enough water on some places on the streets to start puddle baths. Next to the Carrefour in Sinjhuang is pretty dangerous. The people at my school were interested to see me get all geared up. I had rain pants, raincoat, rain cover…

  • Work Out Schedule

    I managed to go for my second run this week last night. It was extremely humid and hot, about 30C, but I managed to run for about 20 minutes. I was sweating profusely afterwards. I read about hot weather running and there are some good points and bad points. Mainly I don’t run enough for…