VivaCalaca is a short animation by Ritxi Ostáriz with music by Voltaire. It’s based on the Day of the Dead, celebrated every year in Mexico [El Día de los Muertos]. (via cpluv)

Tegaki The Handwritten Blog

Tegaki is a handwritten blog, through paper, Wacom tablets and other media forms. (via waxy)

Big Brother Australia S08D032 (Channel Ten)

Bianca, Dixie, Renee, Terri and Travis are in the danger zone.

It’s just after 8AM. He’s got to bring BB breakie.

Alice has been appointed the guardian of the seeing-eye dog Ollie. She’s got to train him everyday for this week’s house.

Dixie is moping because of the laundry hand grenade.

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Rain Rain Rain

It started raining like crazy tonight. It was long due. However, there is enough water on some places on the streets to start puddle baths. Next to the Carrefour in Sinjhuang is pretty dangerous.

The people at my school were interested to see me get all geared up. I had rain pants, raincoat, rain cover for my boots.

I had a little spill right before the Daan bridge in S
Sinjhuang. I wasn’t going fast, and I had my protective gear on. I just scraped my knee. However I think that it’s time to get rid of Old Nancy. She can barely break when it’s wet and the wheels have basically no traction in the rain.

Work Out Schedule

I managed to go for my second run this week last night. It was extremely humid and hot, about 30C, but I managed to run for about 20 minutes. I was sweating profusely afterwards. I read about hot weather running and there are some good points and bad points.

Mainly I don’t run enough for it to be a real issue. I’m hoping to be able to run 5K a day in a few weeks, which is what I used to do before.

I’ve weighed myself again just to make sure, and yes, I do weigh 79kg (174lbs).

My legs were pretty sore in the beginning of the week. That’s why I didn’t manage to run before Thursday night. I’m planning on going for a run tonight as well. Probably during the weekend as well. There are two options. Running in the morning and running at night. I prefer running at night, even though it would be better running before sunrise.

I’ve managed to stay away from too many carbs, even though at times my stomach feels empty after eating fruits. I’m working fulltime again and the schools are providing me with food. However, there is no rice on my menu anymore. This makes things a bit more complicated. Usually, I’ll just take some meat and veggies, and pour some soup over that. I’ll eat another bowl of soup afterwards. That’s enough for lunch.

I’ll eat some fruits before my 16:30 classes and I’ll have another dinner at school, usually meat and veggies. When I come back home, I’ll have more fruits. I eat guavas, lichis and papayas.

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