Big Brother Australia S08D004 (Channel Ten)

The HM have to get used to the unusual sleeping arrangements. Nobbi is camping in the Kombi van. The others are sharing a giant bed. It’s even more uncomfortable because Travis talks in his sleep with his annoying high-pitched voice.

The HM almost miss the breakie on the conveyor belt. Brigitte puts her toothbrush up her nose.

Rory and Rebecca are talking about their future plans. Rory plans on finishing his trade school and starting his own business.

Dave says that he isn’t crazy about the Australian national anthem. He thinks that it doesn’t evoke enough emotions.

Nobbi and Ben are talking about Dave. Ben doesn’t like him because he nominate him.

Brigitte is climbing the tree. Renee is teaching Travis Australian football. After only three days, alliances have already formed. All of the boys have regular talks in the spa. They are talking about Travis. They think that he’s most definitely gay. Nobbi says that no one is playing the game harder than Travis.

Travis’ voice and Rima’s size are regular topics of conversation in the house. This actually brings them together.

Brigitte says that she doesn’t like Yos, white guys that dress ghetto-like. She doesn’t like aboriginal boys who wear Wu-Tang clothes.

Rory and Rebecca are talking about her body. She says that if she eats too much, she blows up. Rebecca is a skimpy barmaid. Rebecca says that her immediate family is very open. Rory says that he had a big blow-up with his dad when he was 16. He hasn’t spoken to him since.

Finally someone asks him the obvious question about Travis’ voice. Dixie didn’t like the way that the HM talked to Travis. Travis didn’t take offense. He does agree with the things that Dixie says. She works in mental health. During dinner, Nobbi is excluded. He talks to an imaginary Terri, his nemesis. She’s the reason why he is in the camper van.

Saxon says that he is a bit of a bastard. He says that he came here to change. He says that before if he had seen half of the guys in town, he wouldn’t have given them the time of day.

Nobbi talks with BB on the phone. He says that switching with Brigitte would be hilarious. However, he wouldn’t want anyone to go through what he is going through now.

Saxon says that if Travis would have come up to him in a club, he would have probably walked away laughing. He didn’t like the person that he was and he’s trying to change. Alice says that she’s never ever seen a mean streak in him. That’s good that he’s trying to change. It’s not always good to be a bastard.

Ben says that he’s not been himself either. Nobbi’s got problems closing the Kombi van’s door. It’s pretty funny. The HM decide to go chat with Nobs. Saxon tackles him on the way out in a playful manner.

Saxon says that he was racist, sexist and hateful.

Ben, Bianca and Travis are talking about the conversation that was going on at the dinner table.

In bed, Renee says to Travis that dinner was good, but they might have opened a can of worms with their conversation.

Nobs puts up a towel to staunch the light from coming into his van. BB tells him to remove it when he’s sleeping. It’s pretty funny, because the Nobster jumps up since he was asleep.

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