Big Brother Australia S08D005 (Channel Ten)

Dixie the fatty wants her breakie. It’s after nine AM and she’s waiting next to the food conveyor belt. In the bedroom, Brigitte is clutching her white unicorn named Princess Sparkles.

Rima doesn’t think that reading makes you smarter. Travis tells her that he’ll give her a word a day to practice. Rima tells her audacity. She doesn’t even know what it really means. At least Travis can use it in a sentence properly. Travis tells her the new word critique.

1. Fearless daring; intrepidity.

2. Bold or insolent heedlessness of restraints, as of those imposed by prudence, propriety, or convention.

3. An act or instance of intrepidity or insolent heedlessness: warned the students than any audacities committed during the graduation ceremony would be punished.

Food starts coming into the BBAU house. Doc Alice is on the treadmill. Dave sets the picnic table for breakie. He gets the Nobster out of his van.

The Spa Mafia are meeting in the spa. Ben and Saxon are off to tell BB about a kidnapping that they are planning. They plan on kidnapping Princess Sparkles.

Travis asks the girls who they had to date. Alice says Dave. Renee says that Travis is a keeper. The Spa Mafia plan on putting Brigitte’s toy on the tree and blame Dixie. Travis, Brigitte and Dixie speak to BB. While Brigitte is away, Dave takes the toy unicorn. He stashes it in his locker.

Brigitte is working away some excess energy while Dave proceeds on with Operation Sparkle. He stashes it in the Nobster’s van.

Tonight’s dinner is another lottery. Dixie gets a pot of seaweed. Rima get an Indian curry. Fat Dix will at least lose some weight. Brigitte gets a bowl of prunes. BB allows one HM to swap. Rima switches her food with Dixie. Fatty will get fatter. She can’t take a hint. Saxon throws his meal away. It was a bowl of greens. Dixie admits that she would have left if she wouldn’t have gotten some real food. That’s why she’s a fatty.

Brigitte has eaten 38 prunes. Dixie started crying about it when she was presented with the seaweed. She couldn’t believe that she did it. Dave agrees. He couldn’t believe that she was crying over it.

Later Brigitte feels sick. In bed, she can’t find her unicorn. Brigitte can’t find it. She goes to see BB.

Rebecca admits that she can’t stand Brigitte to Dixie and Rima. She thinks that Brigitte is so dumb. She’s driving Rebecca insane. They have a little bitch session about it.

As she walks out, Brigitte tells the girls that BB told her that Princess Sparkles didn’t like her anymore and went to find a new owner.

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