Moonlight Click S01E14 (CBS)

It’s been a while since there has been a vampire show on TV. Angel was just a continuation of Buffy. Blade was an action show. Moonlight is somewhere in between. It’s gritty and romantic, which isn’t appalling. Unlike Angel and Forever Knight, Mick St-John isn’t that old of a vampire, so the flashbacks all take place in the 1950s to 1970s.

Alex O’Loughlin plays Mick St-John, a vampire private detective. He is a vampire who fully remembers what it meant to be human and longs to be human. Before the break, the big intrigue was that his vampiric ex-wife came back human. Since Mick longs to be human, he needs to find out if there is a cure for vampirism. Coraline disappeared before Mick could investigate it fully. He managed to get some of her blood though.

It was announced on December 4th that Moonlight would return for a second season next year. That is good news. The last two episodes of Moonlight have finally aired. I enjoyed both of them. The last episode gives a surprising explanation of the Reign of Terror during the French Revolution. I thought that this was very interesting. Coraline is out of the picture for now, but it would be nice to see what happens to her in Europe. There hasn’t been much revealed about vampiric society and these tidbits make it really tantalizing to see the interpretation.

I equate Mick with a vampire looking for Golconda., a state of enlightenment from the fictional World of Darkness. In this episode, Mick and Beth get closer together while he explores his new humanity. However it’s short lived since a vampire threatens her safety and Mick has to make the ultimate sacrifice once again, this time willingly to save the girl he loves.

This episode was interesting. Mick has decided to come out of his shell. As he steps out of the shadows into the human world, he doesn’t notice that he’s getting some undue attention from others. Mick decides to be a bodyguard for a celebrity. It puts him int he spotlight. A photographer starts to investigate him and comes up with some strange facts, which he is able to relate before his untimely demise. Mick is in a bit of trouble.

At the same time, he’s getting used to dating Beth. He hasn’t dated a human since he was himself a human. Things are strange, but not unpleasant for him. There are still two more episodes left before the end of the season. I hope that we will see Coraline once again.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

* * * * *

Mick is in an Audi R8 driven recklessly by a young woman. She drives like a madwoman.

Beth is having lunch with Talbot, the new ADA. He asked her for lunch. Beth wants to know why. She’s nervous about her new boss, who’s taking Maureen’s place.

She’s Tierney Taylor. Mick is her bodyguard. He took this job to live in both worlds, human and vampire. However this job has thrust him in the middle of a lot of attention with the paparazzi. Mick suspects Tierney’s boyfriend of using this as a publicity stunt.

Beth and Mick exchange glances. Beth tells him that they need to start dating. Mick leaves in a flash when Tierney leaves.

Mick and Josef talk about Facebook. Josef says that Tierney reminds him of Gina Harlow.

Mr. Lewis is the new boss. He wants her to pump Mick for info about Tierney new movie, which is supposedly cursed.

At a party on the Queen Mary, Tierney points out that Beth is here. Scott Walsh, Tierney’s boyfriend eyes Mick suspiciously.

Beth and Mick are about to kiss, when they overhear Tierney having an argument with Scott.

Mick makes his way back to Beth when his vampire senses hear something. It was Tierney jumping into the water. Mick jumps after her. Tierney is dead.

Back in Tierney’s stateroom, Mick spots the murder weapon. It’s been wiped. She was then dragged and dumped.

Mick pays Guillermo a visit. The COD was a temporal skull fracture. She was dead before she hit the water.

Lewis shows Beth a photo from Dean Foster. To get this shot, he must have been on the boat. The photo shows Tierney floating the water moments before Mick plunged after her. She shows it to Mick. Mick is being stalked by the paparazzi. He makes a rooftop escape. Two paparazzi vampires wait for him on the roof. He takes their flashcard. He asks them about Dean Foster.

Mick wants to have a talk with Scott. At the party, Scott found out that Tierney was hiding something from her. She paid the paparazzo Dean Foster $50K to keep some photos off the market. He thinks that she was having an affair.

When Mick meets Beth, a car drives him over. He’s fine. Foster took some photos of this. Mick doesn’t want Beth to go home by herself. He wants her to stay over on his couch.

Every month, Tierney’s business manager pays himself $20K. It’s fishy.

Talbot reveals that Foster is a person of interest. She asks him to run the plates of the car that almost drove her over.

Mick pays a visit to the business manager Gold. Tierney Taylor wasn’t her real name. Her dad was a drunkard. He was killed. She bought her mom a house and kept her mom safe. Dean Foster found out about her mom.

Abbot shut the movie down. Tierney was paying out of her own pocket for the costumes and lessons.

Beth gets an email from Dean Foster. It’s about the photos of Mick getting hit by a car and getting up. He tells her that Buzzwire has become his number one scoop. Otherwise, Mick St-John will become his priority.

Logan found out that Abbot had spent all of the investor’s money. Abbot was broke. He spent all of the money before a frame was shot. The only way to get the money back was if the plug was pulled on the movie. That way the insurance would kick in and the investors would get their money back.

Mick and Beth confront Abbot. He does a runner. Mick easily chases him down. Abbot confesses to killing Tierney to get the money out of the insurance. Talbot arrives with the cops to take him in.

Beth asks him what happens if a vampire is about to be exposed. Mick says that the vamp moves on and changes identities. She doesn’t mention that Foster is blackmailing her and Buzzwire.

She talks with Josef about this problem. She wants him to handle Foster. Beth wants to return the favour to Mick for saving her life countless times. Josef says that as long as she is involved with Mick and working for Buzzwire, his secret is endangered.

Beth tells Mick that she quit Buzzwire.

Foster gets corned by the two young looking vamps who drink his blood and kill him.

Talbot has got Foster’s photos about the accident. He’s started an investigation on Mick.

* * * * *

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