Big Brother Australia S08E007 (Channel Ten)

During FNL, it turns out that Rima broke her leg. She gets taken to hospital.

After FNL, the HM have a party for David. It’s his 33rd birthday. The HM go around and say something nice about David. During the party, the Nobster asks Brigitte about Sparkles. She says that she couldn’t sleep last night. She’s pretty angry.

Saxon does a little rap. The HM are impressed. Saxon tells the Nobster and Ben that he told Brigitte that one of the girls took the unicorn. He said that BB told him this. Brigitte is wearing a skimpy swimsuit.

Bianca and Brigitte go to see BB. They want to find Sparkles. BB tells them that he didn’t interfere with Sparkles. Bianca says that she will raid lockers thoroughly. They speak with the Spa Mafia and they deny any wrongdoing. It’s rapidly spiralling out of control.

The Nobster is in the spa. He broke the rules and got only $1AU instead of $20KAU. The girls are talking about the Nobster and his punishment. He is also staying in the Kombi van.

The next day, the HM haven’t woken up yet. It’s past midday. Rory and Renee are spooning in the big bed. BB switches on the lights.

Knobby’s phone rings. He wants to get back into the house ASAP. BB tells him that his prize money will buy him a piece of fruit, a packet of chewing gum or a pen/pencil. I don’t know if he realized that he got punished and that he could have won $20KAU.

BB calls all HM to the diary room, including the Nobster. Rima still hasn’t returned. Dixie starts to cry when BB tells them that Rima broke her leg.

Dixie goes to bed to sulk. Doc Alice tries to have a chat with her. She tells her that a good cry will biologically make her feel better because of the hormones that are secreted.

Saxon tells Rory that she got some cuddles last night. Rory says that he cuddled Renee.

Later, Dixie is still upset. She goes into the diary room to talk to BB. She hopes that Rima had a big fat steak, some chocolate, mashed potatoes and some Coke. See, that’s why Dixie is fat. She indulges in those foods. They comfort her.

Rory, David, Bianca and Brigitte are waiting for food at the conveyor belt. Nothing has come out today. Brigitte smells the door. She smells some food. Pumpkin soup comes through. They also get some fruit. This is pretty healthy. Dixie probably won’t be happy. Saxon doesn’t eat veggies. Too bad so sad. Pumpkin soup is great.

Saxon and Rory go to see BB about the food situation. BB asks Rory what he would eat on the outside. He lists that he would eat three or four sandwiches, a muesli bar, a piece of fruit, a bag of chips, some leftovers from last night and a couple of cans of tuna. That’s a lot of food! He wants to have more food.

BB calls the HM for a meeting about the food situation. He tells them that this week’s task began the moment that they entered the house. Their skills of observation will be tested. One at a time, they will be asked a question. They are playing for a kitchen.

Doc Alice is called to the diary room. She gets her question wrong. Dixie gets hers right. Ben and Bianca get their answers wrong. Bianca fails as well. The HM need 7 correct answers to get the kitchen. Brigitte and Dave get theirs right. Brigitte says that the first thing that BB told her was to pull up her pants.

The Nobster gets his right as well. Rory, Renee, Saxon, Travis and Rebecca get their questions right. They got 9 right, so they get their kitchen. BB calls the HM to the garden. After a few moments, BB calls them to the new kitchen.

Bianca is whingeing because her garlic bread keeps getting nicked. Saxon and the Nobster start grilling the meat. Ben suggests that everyone takes care of their own breakie in the morning, the boys will cook the dinner, and the girls will cook the supper.

Bianca continues to whinge about the garlic bread to Travis.

David, Rory and Saxon complain to BB about Mother Duck. That’s how the boys call Doc Alice. Renee comes out says that the chicks are going crazy inside.

Rory schools Travis in how to use the barbie.

The new kitchen has already started some conflict. All of the HM are enjoying their meal. Bianca goes to see BB to whinge about her garlic bread.

Rory brings Sparkles outside. The boys have decided to return Sparkles. They plant it in Dixie’s locker.

Dixie heads to the diary room to discuss the new kitchen with BB. She likes it. Dixie says that Bianca got snappy tonight. Dixie says that Bianca has got a cutthroat attitude about food.

Brigitte finds Sparkles in Dixie’s locker. All of the girls converge in the bathroom. Dixie finds it funny that she found it in her locker.

The Spa Boys are happy that Brigitte found Sparkles. Travis says that his sunglasses were near Dixie’s locker as well.


BB tells the HM that BB is throwing a party. He tells them that they will have a children’s party. They will have a bid surprise. A door opens and the HM see that the garden has been transformed.

Kyle and Jackie O inform us that some gatecrashers are about to enter the house. New intruders. Kyle mentions that everyone now has seen Rima’s naked pictures that she took for the website Ishotmyself, a site in which girls take pictures of themselves in various degrees of undress. Her “absence” from the BBAU house might be linked to the pictures having surfaced last week.

Jackie O asks Brigitte how she is doing. Brigitte says that she’s got something up her nose. Jackie mentions that this happens a lot. Brigitte says that she just likes having things up her nose.

They talk about Rima and the HM get a message from her from the hospital. She looks fine. Dixie naturally starts to cry.

Kyle tells the audience that the infamous Corey Worthington will be heading into the house for a short time. He’s the guy that threw a crazy party when his parents were absent. It made the news. When the parents returned, he didn’t come home to explain.

Nana’s been in storage, wrapped up in mothballs.
Kyle on Terri.

There is a reel of the HM losing their lunches and dinners a few times because they didn’t scramble quick enough.

Webmates are the HM that the public has been voting to go into the house. The first webmate is Barney a part time lifeguard. He’s a lady’s man. He hasn’t had a girlfriend in years.

Barney goes into the BBAU house. They talk with the house again. Travis says that he has been dreaming about Jackie O every night. The Nobster is outside in the garden. His message for Terri is “Go jam yourself!” He doesn’t know that Terri is backstage waiting.

BB tells the HM that the webmates are coming into the house. The three people chosen by the Australian public were the most popular. More popular than any of the current HM.

BB says that they enter as HM not intruders. Intruders are safe for the first week and don’t get to nominate. Barney comes in. Some of the HM already know him.

Brigitte, Dixie and Renee are talking about Barney already. Rebecca was very interested by Barney. Webmates are big threats since they got voted in by the Australian public.

Nathan is a physiotherapist. He’s also a DJ. He loves Transformers and is somewhat competitive. He’s single. Nathan heads into the BBAU house.

I don’t think that Alice could love anyone but herself.

Bianca likes Ben. Rory and Alice might have a think. Brigitte isn’t well liked by some of the other girls. Dixie doesn’t likes Brigitte.

Nathan goes into the house. Travis hugs him. He’s partially ignored by the girls since he is balding.

Webmate #1 is Michael. He’s a bit of a rebel. He doesn’t do any drugs anymore. He was part of a few bands and toured the world. He runs a clothing label called Mistake.

Michael goes into the house. Ben has seen him in concert as part of his band the I Killed The Prom Queen.

This year, the voting system has changed. The public can only vote to save. Only the twelve original HM are eligible for evictions.

Corey Worthington.

We see a clip of him on a trampoline. The party spiralled out of control and he didn’t take responsibility for it. He never takes off his sunglasses. He is hated in Australia. He gets a lot of boos when he enters. He agrees to follow BB’s rules. He has to complete a mission which he agrees to do as well.

Corey thinks that he’s going into the house for the ultimate party, but he’s in for a big shock.

Michael isn’t single. The boys are talking. David talks about the Spa Mafia meetings.

Kyle says that Nana’s mission has something to do with Corey. Terri arrives on stage. She wants to talk with Ben and Rory. She’s got a bone to pick with the Nobster.

Terri will go into the BBAU house as a Houseguest with a mission, not a HM. Kyle says that Corey is about to step into the house. They want Terri to be is guardian in the house. She can tell him off.

Corey steps into the BBAU house. BB tells them that he’s a Houseguest not a HM. Corey takes off his sunglasses almost immediately. I’m surprised. His reception isn’t too bad. The HM are nice to him. BB told Corey that he gets to stay at least 10 days in the house.

Saxon takes Corey apart and tells him how it is in the house. He says not to worry about the other HM. Moments later, BB tells them that another HG is coming in. It’s Terri. She’s going to be Corey’s guardian. The Nobster doesn’t look happy. He’s really upset. She’s the reason he’s been living in the garden for the past week. The audio feed gets blanked out for about 1 minute because the Nobster is swearing so much.

The public votes to save their favourite HM. The three HM with the least votes will be nominated. The HM will then vote to evict. It’s kind of like the US version.

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