Ottawa’s Eyesore

The architectural eyesore that many people from Ottawa like to talk about is the US embassy on Sussex Dr.

The design reminds me of the Supreme Court of Canada building.



During the first two years of its existence, there was a barricade around the embassy. The embassy already has a fence.

As you can see, the back isn’t any better than the front of the building. It appears to be an even bigger eyesore since the Fairmont Château Laurier is right behind it. The Château is really like a castle. It’s incredibly beautiful and it’s sitting right next to the US embassy.


4 responses to “Ottawa’s Eyesore”

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    […] hotel is an impressive site. That region of downtown Ottawa is filled with great buildings, excluding the eyesore of downtown, the US embassy. I didn’t have time to visit it, but it’s built in a picturesque location. One side of […]

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  3. globetrotteri Avatar

    I completely agree. The US embassy is definitely one of the ugliest buildings in the downtown core. It looks like a prison.

  4. range Avatar

    Did you read the wiki entry for this building? It’s definitely written by an American and is biased. I haven’t met anyone in Ottawa that likes this building, yet they say that it’s “one of the most notable and most impressive”.

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