Women’s Murder Club Father’s Day S01E11 (ABC)

Women’s Murder Club is a police procedural drama on ABC based on the James Patterson books. It features a series of women who work together to solve cases. Lindsay Boxer is a Detective Inspector in the San Fransisco PD. Jill Bernhardt is the ADA. Claire Washburn is the medical examiner. Cindy Thomas is a reporter that works with them on police cases.

I haven’t read the James Patterson books, but the title is pretty lame. I mean, come on. Women’s murder club? WTF! Basically the main characters are all in one aspect of law enforcement, from the police, to the coroner to the DA’s office. A new member of the club is part of the media.

When I think of the title of this show, I think about a bunch of women drinking tea and investigating a murder. None of them would be involved in law enforcement, they’d just be interested in murders and solving them, kind of like a babysitter club. OK, maybe not a babysitter club, but you get the idea.

The really annoying part is that there is a lot of the story missing, like how did Lindsay get divorced and what exactly did happen during the Kiss Me Knot serial killer case? Maybe the show plans on revealing this later on or maybe the series is based on one book in a series and we are missing a few key details. The fact that they producers and writers chose to make the show about a new case every episode is telling. If it focused on the Kiss Me Knot killer, it would have taken a story arc to find out who killed the women. Currently, three new episodes are in the process of being aired. The first two have been aired. Only the last one is left. The show’s current status is still uncertain.

For once, I thought that this show was actually decent. We get more information about Lindsay background and why she is so driven. Claire is having problems with her man. Jill is still living with them. Cindy surprises Lindsay with her bravery on their case.

Lindsay also starts to understand why she is so intimidating to other men. This case is all about dirty cops. We learn that Lindsay’s dad was kicked off the force for being a dirty cops. From what he told her, it seems that there is more to the story than the official version. I’m sure that she will investigate to find out the truth. My guess is that he wasn’t dirty at all. Lindsay is starting to suspect the same thing. She dropped any relationship that she had when he was kicked off the SFPD.

If the next two episodes are better, I think that there is a strong chance that this show will get picked up for another season. Currently, it’s being watched since there arent’t that many fresh episodes of shows being broadcasted.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

* * * * *

Lindsay is driving to a crime scene. Jacobi is waiting for her. Jerry Rivers took a bullet into the chest. Mr. Wilcox is a witness. He describes a shootout involving a white van.

The same van was spotted not too far away. Boxer and Jacobi find the driver and his van. As they approach, a guy in a red hoodie shoots with an automatic weapon at the van. It explodes. Boxer goes after him. Jacobi calls for backup.

Boxer gets surprised. He’s in her back. He makes a getaway after she tosses her gun away.

Claire discovers that John Doe is a police officer name Steven Russo working undercover in narcotics. He was cut down using incendiary bullets. Jill says that Claire’s spare bedroom isn’t the place for trysts. She’s been living the single life.

Jill has got this dating and flirting thing down. They spot a nice looking guy on the steps. He’s looking at Lindsay. Cindy meets Jill and Lindsay for coffee. They don’t tell her anything about the victim being a cop.

Narcotics doesn’t want Russo’s wife informed. Lindsay and Jacobi disregard orders and inform the wife anyway. She plays them a message. Steven wanted to get out of undercover.

Marty meets Lindsay. Marty’s her dad. She hasn’t spoken to him in 7 years. He tells her that she crossed the line for talking to Russo’s widow. She says that she doesn’t need his advice. He’s a dirty cop who got thrown off the force.

Another reporter named Scott has got more info on the case than Cindy. The editor decides to go with his story. Cindy is out of the loop for now. Cindy turns up to see the girls. She’s mad at the club.

Lindsay meets the guy named Pete Rainer. He knows her name. She says that he looks more of a scone guy than a blueberry muffin guy. It’s a bit awkward. He doesn’t ask for her number and goes back to work.

Sandy Foster, the wife of the undercover cop Andy McCarthy, hasn’t checked in. She wants to make sure that it isn’t him. McCarthy is the one who killed Russo. He’s the guy in the red hoodie.

Bill Schroeder is the captain in charge of narcotics tells them that he doesn’t buy it. Another officer named Craft is working on the same case as the other two. Lindsay is concerned about his safety. Schroeder doesn’t care. He wants Boxer to stay away from his officers and their family. Hogan warns Boxer about her attitude with Schroeder. He thinks that she’s going after McCarthy so hard because of her dad. He was also a dirty cop.

Lindsay talks with Claire about this. Claire seems disconnected. She’s got things to work through she says. She says that it’s Ed. It’s not working anymore. His paralysis has reached his privates. He can’t screw anymore. She wants Lindsay to pull some strings with a doctor she knows for an appointment for Ed.

Lindsay gets an idea. She probes Jill about the Grand Jury notes about the cops she is investigating. Jill refuses to open up the sealed documents. She would get fired if anyone found out. Lindsay is adamant, but Jill doesn’t give her the info.

Lindsay finds someone outside her home. She thinks that it’s an FBI agent, but it turns out that it’s a narcotics cop who warns her off from saying that McCarthy is dirty.

Jill meets Lindsay for coffee. She says that everyone is concerned about the way that she is investigating this case. She tells Lindsay to read the Grand Jury notes and burn them. If it gets out that she gave these files to Lindsay, she would get disbarred and serve time. Before McCarthy killed Russo, they worked a couple of cases with Craft. The file will tell her who they talked with and where to go.

Jacobi and Boxer meet Craft in a bar. They tell him that McCarthy is probably after him. He doesn’t think that it’s going to happen. He trusts McCarthy. The only ones putting him in danger are Boxer and Jacobi. Lindsay thinks that they need to take him in.

As they head outside, they hear a shot. McCarthy is about to kill Craft. He already shot him. Boxer is able to talk him down.

Schroeder isn’t happy. He wants to interview McCarthy. Hogan says that it’s Boxer’s case. It’s either that or he contacts Internal Affairs.

McCarthy seems a bit mental. She spots an expensive watch. He says that Ramos, a Salvadorian drug lord, gave it to him. Ramos saw right through McCarthy. They put a gun to his head and made him tell them everything. He had to kill Russo and Craft. They had found out where he lived. They threatened his family. He didn’t want to kill anyone, but he had to in order to save his family.

Cindy turns up and Lindsay apologizes. They are about to get the two hostages. Boxer offers to take Cindy along for an exclusive. Hogan has her sign a release before leaving.

They have to move in because the hostage-takers are about to kill the family. They need someone who won’t be made as a cop to act as a decoy. Cindy volunteers. They’ve got 5 minutes. The undercover SWAT teams converge on the house as Cindy approaches. It goes according to plan and they get the bad guys.

They tell McCarthy that his family is fine. He will testify against Ramos himself.

Marty meets Boxer at the station to congratulate her. He wants to know how she found Craft. He is here to warn her that people are looking at her strangely for solving these impossible cases. Marty implies that there is more to his case than just taking money from someone.

Her friends tell her that it’s the gun. The fact that she is carrying a gun scared Rainer away.

Jill heard the arguments that Claire and Ed have been having. She tells her that it’s fine. It’s something to do with the both of them. Claire wants to go to couple’s therapy.

Lindsay pays Rainer a visit. He’s only in town for two weeks. He builds hotels. He’s leaving for Cambodia. He was about to go see her as well. He had flowers for her. He shows her the card that he wrote. He asks her out for dinner.

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