Women’s Murder Club FBI Guy S01E10 (ABC)

Women’s Murder Club is a police procedural drama on ABC based on the James Patterson books. It features a series of women who work together to solve cases. Lindsay Boxer is a Detective Inspector in the San Fransisco PD. Jill Bernhardt is the ADA. Claire Washburn is the medical examiner. Cindy Thomas is a reporter that works with them on police cases.

I haven’t read the James Patterson books, but the title is pretty lame. I mean, come on. Women’s murder club? WTF! Basically the main characters are all in one aspect of law enforcement, from the police, to the coroner to the DA’s office. A new member of the club is part of the media.

When I think of the title of this show, I think about a bunch of women drinking tea and investigating a murder. None of them would be involved in law enforcement, they’d just be interested in murders and solving them, kind of like a babysitter club. OK, maybe not a babysitter club, but you get the idea.

I still haven’t made up my mind about this show. The really annoying part is that there is a lot of the story missing, like how did Lindsay get divorced and what exactly did happen during the Kiss Me Knot serial killer case? Maybe the show plans on revealing this later on or maybe the series is based on one book in a series and we are missing a few key details. The fact that they producers and writers chose to make the show about a new case every episode is telling. If it focused on the Kiss Me Knot killer, it would have taken a story arc to find out who killed the women. Currently, three new episodes are in the process of being aired. The first two have been aired. Only the last one is left. The show’s current status is still uncertain.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

* * * * *

FBI agent John Ashe has been babysitting Lindsay for the last 9 days. Lindsay is called to meet a CI. He’s a bit disturbed and shows her a severed head. Silas Spaulding was delivering some very expensive wine.

They inform his wife. She gives them permission to search their house. Silas was in business with his best friend.

Boxer finds Ashe with Tom talking about the Kiss Me Not killer. Tom puts Boxer on 24hr protection detail. Mia calls Boxer. She’s about to commit suicide off the Golden Gate Bridge. Tom tells Boxer that she is on loan to the FBI.

Jacobi and Tom come back. Mia committed suicide.

Jill is busy trying to find dates. Cindy finds out that Laurent and Silas were involved in some insurance scam last year. When asked about this during his polygraph test, Laurent asks for his lawyer.

Jacobi is pissed at Boxer for not telling anyone about the Kiss Me Not killer threat. He gives her a good rinsing out.

Jill thinks that Atkinson might be involved. Cindy is sent to investigate Atkinson.

Lindsay shows Ashe her Kiss Me Not murder wall. She wants to let go of the Kiss Me Not killer, but Ashe won’t let her.

Jill says that Mia was saving up with Dylan Carter. Dylan Carter turns out to be Mia. She faked her own death. She’s a bigamist.

Jill tells Lindsay is needed in the bathroom. Heather is freaking out in the bathroom.

They go to the warehouse rented out by dummy corporations to Laurent and Silas. They find the murder weapon. The warehouse is filled with vintage cars. Someone tried to hotwire a BMW but wasn’t successful. They used a vintage SUV instead. They surmise that it’s someone who worked there or who was trying to frame Laurent.

Jacobi suspects Atkinson. They go to his shop. Tom is shot, but he was wearing a vest. He tells Lindsay not to tell Heather. They find that Atkinson was counterfeiting wines. Atkinson says that he hired a guy to rob their business a year ago. Silas found out a few days ago.

Lindsay tells the murder club about the threat against her life.

* * * * *

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