Women’s Murder Club S01E07 (ABC)

Women’s Murder Club is a police procedural drama on ABC based on the James Patterson books. It features a series of women who work together to solve cases. Lindsay Boxer is a Detective Inspector in the San Fransisco PD. Jill Bernhardt is the ADA. Claire Washburn is the medical examiner. Cindy Thomas is a reporter that works with them on police cases.

I haven’t read the James Patterson books, but the title is pretty lame. I mean, come on. Women’s murder club? WTF! Basically the main characters are all in one aspect of law enforcement, from the police, to the coroner to the DA’s office. A new member of the club is part of the media.

When I think of the title of this show, I think about a bunch of women drinking tea and investigating a murder. None of them would be involved in law enforcement, they’d just be interested in murders and solving them, kind of like a babysitter club. OK, maybe not a babysitter club, but you get the idea.

I still haven’t made up my mind about this show. The really annoying part is that there is a lot of the story missing, like how did Lindsay get divorced and what exactly did happen during the Kiss Me Knot serial killer case? Maybe the show plans on revealing this later on or maybe the series is based on one book in a series and we are missing a few key details. The fact that they producers and writers chose to make the show about a new case every episode is telling. If it focused on the Kiss Me Knot killer, it would have taken a story arc to find out who killed the women. Currently, three new episodes are in the process of being aired. The first two have been aired. Only the last one is left. The show’s current status is still uncertain.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

* * * * *

The new case is a blunt force trauma (BFT) victim named Ben Cooper. Lindsay knows the name. Cooper was a janitor at a warehouse.

Cindy drives away in her car that she has named Maggie. She is carjacked by Jimmy Galvin. He says that Ben Cooper was dead. His dad is on death row. Ben Cooper was the only one who could help Paul Galvin, sentenced to die in two days. Galvin wants her help. Galvin gets off and leaves a file with Cindy.

Something is up with Lindsay. She’s late with her period. She has had sex with Tom. He would be the father. She didn’t use protection. Lindsay used an old condom. At least that’s what she said.

Several years ago, Ben Cooper was the key witness in a murder trial. His testimony put an innocent man on death row. Cindy knows this because she met Jaime Galvin. The gals from the club freak out when Cindy tells them how she got this information.

Jill asks her boss Denise about the murdered ADA Wellings. Hanson gives Jill an update on her boyfriend’s case. She is surprised to see Hanson going out with Denise.

Jacobi and Lindsay go to Galvin’s apartment. As they arrive, his apartment explodes. Jill pays a visit to Paul Galvin. He says that Tracy wrote him a character reference letter which he really appreciated. He says that he used to be a black-out drunk. He doesn’t know exactly what happened. She tells him about the gas explosion.

Lindsay tells Tom that there wasn’t any trace of human remains. Lindsay is staying away from Tom.

Jill can’t find any trace of the trial transcripts. Claire is examining the old case files.

Cindy got a SMS from Galvin. She sets him up and they capture Galvin. Hanson is representing Galvin. Jill asked him to. She also asked him to file a stay of execution. It didn’t work. Cindy ends up in contempt of court. The scrapings from Ben Cooper’s body match the DNA evidence from the Wellings murder. Galvin is released.

The next day Jill receives the trial transcripts anonymously at her office door. Claire continues to grill Lindsay about her one night stand with Tom.

Jill confronts Denise about the description that Ben Cooper gave the cops. It wasn’t as precise as she was led to believe. DA Pratt told the court that there was no doubt that Paul Galvin was the man. Denise tells Jill that Pratt was having an affair with Wellings. Pratt has motive to kill Wellings. Denise blackmails Jill about the tryst she had last month with Hanson. She doesn’t want to be mentioned in Jill’s enquiries.

Lindsay takes a blood test. Claire tells her that she isn’t preggers but that she is anemic. She needs to get some more vitamins.

Jill needs the guy who is the manager of the apartment building where Tracy used to live to sign a deposition. When he bends down, she sees scratches on his neck. She thinks that he’s the killer. The guy knows that something is up and invites her in. He locks the door and excuses himself to get his glasses. He offers her a beer. Pratt is being questioned by Lindsay and Jacobi. Henry Dowd was about to get violent. Jill runs out of the door. Lindsay arrives just in time with Jacobi to stop him. Pratt told them who gave him Ben Cooper.

Jill makes a call and the execution is off.

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