Big Brother Australia S08D012 (Channel Ten)

The HM in the danger zone tonight are Alice, David, Dixie, Rebecca and Saxon. My guess is that Alice, Saxon and David will get nominated.

The Nobster gets woken up at 7:44AM. They have to clean up the back yard once again. There is no confetti this time, so it will be easier. As the HM say this, confetti explodes over the back yard. It’s funny. It will take the HM a long time to clean this up.

B/B calls Dixie and Rebecca to the diary room. They both wanted to leave yesterday. Dixie says that she still wants to go home. Rebecca says that she is going to stay here. Dixie decides to stay as well.

The Nobster asks Travis whom he is closest to. Travis replies Alice, Renee, Knobby and Bianca. The Nobster says that Travis asked the same thing to Ben. Travis replied Bianca, Renee and Ben. The Nobster thinks that Travis is lying or trying to please everyone.

The girls want to run a little contest to find Mr. BB. They are getting dressed up. The Nobster thinks that he is trying to please everyone and that it will piss people off.

Renee is looking hot. She’s wearing a backless top.

Travis wants to chat with Bianca about what the Nobster has told him. Bianca wants know right now. They start talking. Bianca makes him feel better. Rebecca’s fake tits are in your face.

She talks with Knobby and they talk about Travis. She says that Dixie is feeling like the Nobster as well.

Dave is the first one up on the catwalk. Ben is dressed up as Corey. It’s funny. At one point, Rory is wearing a thong. Dave is 3rd. Ben is 2nd. Nate is 1st.

After the pageant, Rory and Renee are getting touchy feely. They have been getting closer over that last few days. Travis has a question for Ben and the top three. This happened on day 2 or 3. He goes to see the Nobster. Travis wants to talk more about this. The Nobster dismisses it.

Meanwhile Renee and Rory cuddle.

Friday Night Live

It’s Hip-Hop Night.

The HM enter the arena. BB tells the HM that the winner of FNL will become the HOH. The HOH will have the power to change evictions. The HOH will vote for eviction with double points. The HOH will win a dinner for two in a private secret room, the strategy room. The HOH will be told by BB which HM are in the bottom three.

Doc Alice receives a pass to the second round because of her training schedule. Corey and Terri are the captains of the teams.

Corey, Saxon, Dave, Ben, Rebecca, Brigitte, Dixie are in one team.

Terri, Knobby, Rory, Nate, Renee, Bianca, Travis are in the other.

Terri and Corey are eliminated in the first round of the first game. Travis and Dave are next out. Brigitte and Dixie are eliminated next. It doesn’t really matter because one team will move on. Saxon is out. Rebecca and Bianca are out. The Nobster and Rory are out. It’s between Nate and Ben. The winner will take his team through to the next round. Nate wins easily.

Terri’s team is through to the next round.

In the next round, they have to wear fake butts and go through an obstacle course while chained to a partner. It’s pretty funny. Bianca is now top and bottom heavy.

Rory’s team finishes the booty camp course in 1:23. Nate’s team did it in 1:34. Rory’s team comprised of Terri, Travis and Alice move on.

Nathan, Knobby, Bianca and Renee have a chance of getting into the next round. 2 out 4 will move on. Bianca and Nate move onto the next round.

Rory, Alice and Bianca are playing against Travis, Nate and Terri. The next game involves getting dressed up as bunnies and trying to collect carrot juice falling on a spinning giant record from a shower. Bianca and Alice are helpless. They are on their knees most of the time.

Terri spends most of her turn lying on the spinning record while Nate does very well. Travis, Nate and Terri win easily. Only two will move on. The eliminated HM have to choose. They choose Travis and Nate.

Nate is the HOH. He’s called to the diary room. Since Nate is immune from nomination and he can’t vote, the power of the FNL games twist goes to the runner-up. It goes to Travis. He’s won the power to save one of the three nominees on Sunday night. He will remove them from the bottom three. The HM in the 4th place will then be nominated. He will nominate for double points, for 4 and 2 points instead of 2 and 1 points. In the BBAU house, talk of nomination is forbidden. In the strategy room, the HM can talk about nominations and evictions. He chooses to take Renee.

He tells the HM. Renee blushes immediately. Travis and Renee are called to the strategy room.

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