Big Brother Australia S08D014 (Channel Ten)

After FNL, the strategy opens for Travis and Renee. In this room, HM can openly discuss nominations and tactics. They also receive some pizza. The HM don’t know this initially, but what happens in the strategy room is broadcasted to the rest of the BBAU house. However, this transmission doesn’t have any sound.

Travis is called to the diary room. He is told who the bottom 3 HM are. They are Dixie, Rebecca and Saxon. He can discuss this with Renee, but only Renee.

Rory wonders who will be very nice to Travis this week. Travis goes to tell Renee. Renee is happy that she isn’t nominated. Travis thinks that he wants to save Becca.

Dixie is surprised that Travis and Renee are close. She’s just jealous because of the food situation in the strategy room.

Renee says that she’s not picking for him. They both don’t like Dixie.

Bianca and Brigitte are nervous. They feel that they are extremes. They are worried about being nominated. Corey says that he wouldn’t vote for Brigitte.

Terri says that she would be ashamed if Corey would be her son. Travis doesn’t like that. The Nobster is in Locker Room Lockdown. Corey tells Terri to shut up.

Rebecca goes to see the guys in the Locker Room. She doesn’t like Terri anymore. Bianca joins them.

Travis and Terri are talking about this in the dinning room by themselves. Travis thinks that she is being rude.

David thinks that it’s a disgraceful thing to say. Rebecca thinks that Terri isn’t nice. Terri is upset that Corey is turning her into the baddy-baddy and he’s looking like the goody-goody. These are her words. Nate joins them.

Terri talks to Doc Alice. Doc Alice tells Terri that it was a terrible thing to say. She thinks that it’s a very harsh thing to say. Terri doesn’t give a shit. Doc Alice says that it was horrible.

Rebecca wants to be nominated. She wants to leave the BBAU house again. She goes to see BB. She says that she really wants to go home.

The Nobster, Ben, David, Corey are talking about Becca. They want her to stay. They wouldn’t mind another girl leaving, but she’s a genuine person.

Travis and Becca are talking. Travis says that other people are feeling like this. She’s the only one that expresses it this way. When she says that she wants to go, it’s just that there are things that are making her upset.

The Nobster gets a call from BB. He’s chosen Knobby as the mother of the day. The HM will spend the day pampering him. He’s got to dress the part with a dress and a wig.

The HM are happy that Knobby can participate. Terri and Bianca are given the ingredients for French toast, only for the Nobster. The HM think that the Nobster deserves it. He’s suffered enough. Knobby tells Travis that he needs to wash him down later in the shower.

Ben and The Nobster talk about the stress of being evicted. Knobby isn’t worrying too much. Ben is worried.

Terri says that she’s a tough mother, but nearly as tough as her own mother. She says that she meant what she said to Corey.

Saxon, Ben and Rory are talking about Dave. They both dislike him. They think that he’s fake. They recon that he’s playing the game. They see Nate as being a game player as well.

HM are struggling on staples. All HM except the Nobster are called to the living room. The HM have passed the weekly task. They go to the diary room to collect the food that they have won.

Brigitte accuses Ben of stealing her seat. Ben goes to complain to Renee in the kitchen. Renee thinks that Brigitte is the opposite of herself.

In the garden, Dave and Saxon are talking about religion and aliens.

Renee and Ben continue talking about Brigitte.

Saxon is talking with Dave. He gets angry when Terri jokes about his beliefs. She denies it. He tells her to keep out of the discussion.

Corey and Rebecca are talking about attraction. He finds her attractive, more than Brigitte since Brigitte is ditzy. Rebecca has got the personality and more.

Saxon goes to see BB in the diary room. He’s agitated. He’s frustrated that he had an argument with Dave. He was rude to Terri because she decided to butt in. Saxon says that it was unacceptable. It doesn’t really matter, because he thinks that he’s going to be evicted.

Meanwhile Terri is talking about this with some of the girls.

Later, Saxon talks with Terri. He apologizes to her. That was nice of him.

A bit later on, Corey and Bianca get into an argument. Bianca is a sanctimonious bitch. She’s judgmental as well. Corey isn’t blameless either. He just eggs her own. Terri calls Corey a dipstick.

Corey goes outside and talks with the guys. They think that Bianca will be a total nazi when she’s 30.

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