Survivor Micronesia Stir The Pot S16E14-15 (CBS)

This season of Survivor has finally wrapped up. As always, Survivor is very entertaining. I thought that when the boys got voted out that it would get less entertaining, but it didn’t.

The big surprise was that it was only a final two, not a final three. After the survivors were down to only three, it was predictable who would be in the final two.

Instead of focusing on her accomplishments of the last few months, Amanda focused on being nice. She needed to assert herself more and tell the jury what she had done in order to win. She didn’t.

By far the biggest moves in this season were the blindsides. Ozzy, Jason, Alexis, Erik and even some of the earlier ones got blindsided. The fans should have known that something like that would happen. Just like Cirie said, the fans were younger and less experienced. They wouldn’t have been able to pull the wool over the eyes of more experienced players.

This was a good season of Survivor. It’s been touted as one of the best ever. I still think that Survivor All Stars was the best season of Survivor.

Warning: spoilers ahead

* * * * *

After Erik’s bonehead maneuver of the last episode, the girls are jubilant. The girls find it hilarious that one after the other, the guys walked into the same trap.

Parv is happy that the guys are gone. She’s happy to be just with the girls. She hasn’t missed them.

Nat thinks of Parv as an ally.

It’s time for the next immunity challenge. They have to get some keys to unlock some ladder rungs. Once it’s assembled, they drop their flag. To get the keys, they have to pour water into a bamboo shoot whilst standing on a pole high in the air.

Nat and Parv are doing well. Parv is the first to get her keys. Nat is closely behind. Amanda is in third position. She is followed by Cirie.

Nat is extending her lead over Parv. The ladder is going to take a while to assemble. The ladder rungs are unique. They only fit in one position. Amanda has caught up. She is in the lead. She has a huge lead. However, she can’t get the last one in. She has to swap rungs. She’s the first one up. Amanda wins immunity.

Nat feels like the odd woman out. Cirie is nervous.

Amanda thinks that Cirie should go. She likes Nat better in the final three. She deserves to be here. Parv thinks that Nat is the lesser threat when it comes to jury votes.

It’s time for tribal council. Nat makes a smile and gives a thumbs up to Erik. Nat isn’t making much sense. Amanda is safe. Cirie says that she’s always been at the bottom of her alliance. If the game is heading to a final two, she will still be at the bottom three. She’s been at the bottom of the alliance since the merge.

By a vote of 3-1, Nat is voted out.

Back at camp, Amanda and Cirie start to argue about what Cirie said at tribal. Amanda is just an idiot. Of course Cirie is at the bottom. Why she wants to change Cirie’s mind is beyond me. They all make up and snuggle. Amanda is crying.

They decide to set the chicken free. Gloria doesn’t want to leave camp. She’s become their pet.

The girls are surprised that they are heading to a final immunity challenge. It’s going to be a final two, not a final three.

They remember the other survivors and set fire to the hut at Exile Island. Then they go to their final immunity challenge. Jeff is waiting for them.

The final challenge involves balancing a metal ball on a segmented wooden cylinder. Parv is the first one out. Amanda wins the final immunity. She’s guaranteed a spot in the final.

Cirie was sure that she would win, because she is a nurse. Amanda was in the zone. Parv thinks that she’s going into the final two. Amanda isn’t sure yet. Parv wants to practice their opening statements. Amanda says that it puts her in an awkward position.

Cirie has pissed off a lot of people. However, Amanda thinks that she can convince people easily. She says that it’s kind of a Catch 22.

It’s time for tribal council. Amanda starts to cry. Nat is laughing. Alexis exchanges a smile with her. Eliza is just annoyed. Amanda votes out Cirie.

Parv and Amanda are going to the final two.

Amanda and Parv get a feast to celebrate. They set fire to the shelter.

It’s time for the final tribal council. It’s time for opening statements.

Amanda just wants to thank them. “Thanks for helping me to get here.”

During Parv’s statement, James looks annoyed. “Ask me anything you want, and you’ll get an honest answer.”

Eliza is first to question the finalists. She doesn’t respect what Parv did for strategic advancement. She thinks that Parv is just a mean person. Eliza says that listening to Amanda talk makes her want to kill herself. Eliza’s vote is up in the air.

Jason asks Amanda if she would have told Ozzy about the plan to evict him. She says yes. He wants to know what Parv’s redeeming qualities are. Loyalty is one of her qualities. She also mentions protectiveness.

Alexis has a question for Parv. She wants to know what would make Parv a role model over Amanda. Parv says that she is more outspoken. Alexis says that she has seen so many Oscar winning performances. All of the jurors have been laughing about them.

Nat wants to talk about the flirt card. Nat says that she flirted with her on several occasions. How does being a flirt impact her personal life? She will flirt with anyone to get her way.

Nat wants to know about Amanda’s glazed look. She wants to know if there more to Amanda than that.

A few days ago, he would have voted for Amanda. However, as of late, he isn’t sure about his vote. He wants to know why she ripped him to shreds. She doesn’t have a good defense.

She tells James that there was no chance for her to win the game if she stuck with him. He doesn’t buy it.

Cirie wants to know why Parv deserves to win more than Cirie. She says that Parv made bolder moves than Cirie. She wants to know why Cirie would be sitting in the finals. Parv says that she’s got a family. Parv hasn’t got that.

Ozzy starts out to say that he’s the biggest idiot in the game. He says that Parv just threw him under the bus. He doesn’t want to talk to her. He was really hurt. She took away 14 days that he could have spent with Amanda. He tells Amanda that he wasn’t faking his feelings for her. He says that he was starting to fall in love with her. Amanda gives Ozzy a big smile. She thanks him.

Prediction Votes to win

Eliza                Parv                 took her time to vote

Jason               Amanda

Alexis              Parv (*)

Nat                  Parv (*)

Erik                 Amanda (*)

James               Parv

Cirie                Parv

Ozzy                Amanda (*)

(*) are confirmed votes

Reunion and Sole Survivor

Parv wins Survivor. The jury thought that she deserved it over Amanda. I think that Amanda’s crying and glazed looks just weren’t enough for her to win Survivor. The doe eyed looks didn’t win her any favors. In the end, Parv did make the better plays. She got rid of Ozzy when he wasn’t expecting it. She allied herself with the girls in order to get the boys out.

Nat has some haters. Jeff asks Ozzy about using the idol. He thought about using it, but since it was Parv he trusted her. He’s forgiven her and he’s over.

It’s just a bleeping stick.
Eliza to Jason about the fake immunity idol.

Jason’s got the immunity idol that he didn’t use as a souvenir.

Erik got a life lesson. He says that certain morals came into play, he couldn’t play that way. James thanks Erik for making the dumbest move ever. James’ dad is enjoying the attention.

Jeff asks Ozzy about the love affair. Amanda says that they are still together. Mary and Ryan are together as well. I don’t even remember Mary.

The top three vote getters for the extra money are Amanda, Ozzy and James. One of them will receive $100K. The winner is James. This is the second time for James.

The next season of Survivor is heading to Africa, Gabon.

* * * * *

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