Reaper Greg Schmeg S01E16 (CW)

Reaper is an American supernatural television dramedy created by Tara Butters and Michele Fazekas, who also serve as executive producers alongside Mark Gordon, Deborah Spera and Tom Spezialy. Kevin Smith directed the pilot, and is a creative consultant for the series.

From Wikipedia’s entry on Reaper.

In this episode, Sam and Andy get problems from Greg, Andy’s ex-boyfriend. It turns out that Greg made a deal with the Devil and is forcing Andy to fall in love with him, much to Sam’s dismay. Sam tries to save Greg’s soul.

I thought this episode was good. The show has gotten into an interesting groove. It’s also been renewed for next season, which is good news as well.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

* * * * *

Sock thinks that Sam needs to borrow his caddie in order to score with Andy. Andy is more interested in his feats as a Reaper than getting to 2nd base. They hear somebody outside of the car. Some freak with a chainsaw is assaulting the caddie. They make a getaway after he trashed the caddie.

Sarah comes to boss Ben around a bit.

They go to see Gladys with a bill for the repairs of the caddie. She gives them hell’s most wanted list and the sicko isn’t on it.

Greg shows up at the Work Bench. He’s Andy’s ex-boyfriend. She wants to hang out with him since he’s been having a hard time. She asks Sam. He doesn’t mind.

Ben knows who the soul is. He’s from a movie. He goes to see Cassidy the nurse. He’s on his fifth date with her at the hospital cafeteria. She wants to go out on a real date with him. She spots his ring. He tells her about his green card marriage with Sarah. She likes the fact that she’s going to be his mistress, but he has to take her out to nicer places.

Sam is worried about Greg. The Devil gives him a dagger as a present. He has something to show him. They walk into a house. He catches Andy making out with Greg. He drops the knife and leaves. Andy runs after him and tells him that she didn’t know what happened. One minute she was out with Greg, the next she was making out with him. Sam suspects that the Devil has something to do with this, but Greg looks after them ominously from the window. He’s up to something.

Sarah announces during the Work Bench staff meeting that she’s preggers with Ben. This is news to him since they haven’t had sex. Sarah tells Ben in confidence that Esteban, her boyfriend of 4 years is the father. He’s got commitment issues which is why she isn’t married to him. He’s already married to someone else.

Greg comes to see Andy. He asks her out for coffee. She refuses. He does something to her and she agrees. He’s obviously made a deal with the Devil, or something like that.

When the guys arrive home, the chainsaw masked guy attacks them in the caddie once again. They have to drive away to save themselves.

The Devil summons Sam. He sees them through a telescope. Andy is out with Greg. The telescope changes into a sniper rifle. The Devil says that he didn’t do anything to Andy. The Devil bought Greg’s soul. He got a sort of Jedi-mind-trick. That’s what he uses to get to Andy. Things aren’t what they appear to be. The Devil wants him to kill Greg. That would solve all of his problems.

He goes to the Work Bench and finds Andy waiting for him. She is with Greg. She breaks up with Sam to go out with Greg.

They go to see Gladys. She makes them look after her cat when she goes to Acapulco. She takes them to another portal to hell. Denis tells him that the Devil can’t undo true love. He’s got no dominion over the human heart. He gives them a vessel that will send anything to Hell.

Ben goes to see Cassidy. He breaks up with her because Sarah emotionally blackmailed him.

Sam goes to see Andy. He asks her if she loves him. She does. When she gets a call from Greg, she immediately tells him about running away to Buffalo with Sam. The chainsaw monster appears. Sam misses it with the gun.

Sam figures out that the monster is Greg, because Sam keeps sneezing around Greg due to his nefarious cologne.

The Devil saves Sam and tells him that the monster is Greg, some part of Greg. His pent up rage and frustration. He insists that the only way to save himself and his girl is to kill Greg.

The guys are on a stake-out. Ben bought the wrong ammo for his dad’s gun. Sock’s got a giant roll of plastic. Greg freaks out when he learns that Andy still loves Sam. They seem him manifest the monster. The monster was about to chop Greg into little pieces. They save him. They are holed up in Greg’s room. Sock has to knock him out. The monster disappears.

Greg wakes up in the hospital. Greg

Ben brings his girlfriend to the Work Bench. He puts Sarah in her place. She pretends that they are having a threesome

The Devil taunts Sam. Sam gives him his “get out hell free” card. He uses it to free Greg from his deal with the Devil.

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