Big Brother Australia S08D17 (Channel Ten)

Alice, Bianca, David, Dixie and Nate are in the danger zone today.

The backyard has been transformed into a cricket pitch for this week’s task. The HM have dropped 51 of 56 catches.

Alice, Renee, Dave and Rory are still relaxing in the Balinese resort.

Terri makes fun of the Nobster’s facial routine. BB calls Knobby. The Nobster wants to go back into the BBAU house. He wants to be part of the family dinner.

Dixie has been left on lone duty behind the stumps. She’s more interested in eating than fielding. She just watches the balls fall and doesn’t do anything about it. The Nobster is watching the cricket catches from the top of the tree.

It looks like Bianca is avoiding being on the cricket pitch. Dixie says that she doesn’t like Bianca.

Later doesn’t feel appreciated by Dixie. She feels that she’s doing a lot of work. A few minutes ago, Dixie nagged her about helping out in the bathroom. Bianca thinks that Dixie’s a cow. She doesn’t know that the feeling is mutual.

Brigitte is worried about her eviction dress. She won’t get hers back anytime soon. She will have to wear a pillowcase. Dixie and Brigitte go to see BB. She wants her sneakers back. BB refuses.

The Nobster is feeling upset at being stuck outside for two weeks.

Travis thinks that people can choose to be gay. Travis doesn’t think that he’s got a gay voice. Renee thinks that Nate is hot. The HM in Bali are heading back home. They will have to spend 6 hours on a “flight”.

Brigitte is surprised to learn that the Nobster was born in Japan. Rebecca is annoyed that Asians say dolla instead of dollars.

Renee says that she couldn’t pull Nate. David says that she thinks too little of herself.

Travis and Ben are talking about Dave. They both don’t like him that much. Ben thinks that Dave has taken the father role. Alice has taken up the mother role. Ben thinks that Alice is fake.

On the plane, Alice admits to liking Dave and Rory about some of the other male HM.

Ben wonders how the absence of the people on the plane will impact the group. The group may have gotten more cohesive since their absence.

Carson Crashes BB’s Closet

BB informs the HM that they will need to walk through the cloud door when their name is called. Terri is the first one up.

Carson is giving some of the HM some new clothes for a dinner that they have planned for tonight.

Brigitte is next. She’s pretty excited.

Brigitte, it’s like we share one brain.
Carson on Brigitte.

Renee needs to be glammed up.

Rory is the last HM to be made over.

Carson shows the HM the makeovers. Renee looks amazing. Becca is amazed.

She’s got a nice little bum.
Carson on Renee

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