Doctor Who The Unicorn And The Wasp S04E07 (BBC)

Doctor Who is a long-running, award-winning British science fiction television programme produced by the BBC. The programme depicts the adventures of a mysterious alien time-traveller known as “the Doctor” who travels in his space and time-ship, the TARDIS, which appears from the exterior to be a blue police phone box. With his companions, he explores time and space, solving problems and righting wrongs.

The show’s lead character is currently portrayed by David Tennant. A Christmas special co-starring Kylie Minogue aired in December 2007, and the fourth series started on 5 April 2008. For that series, Catherine Tate will reprise her role of Donna Noble, from the 2006 Christmas special, as the Doctor’s latest companion. Midway through the series, Freema Agyeman will also return to her role of Martha Jones, following a multi-episode guest appearance in the Doctor Who spin-off series, Torchwood. John Barrowman will continue his role as Captain Jack Harkness, and Billie Piper will return as Rose Tyler for three episodes. Elisabeth Sladen is also set to return as Sarah Jane Smith in a cameo role.

After a 2008 Christmas special and three further specials starring David Tennant, scheduled to air in 2009, Doctor Who is planned to return in 2010 for a fifth full length series.

From the Doctor Who entry at Wikipedia.

The Doctor is a long lived alien from the planet Gallifrey. He’s a Time Lord and travels through time thanks to his aging time capsule the Tardis. David Tennant is the tenth Doctor. My favorite has always been Tom Baker as the fourth Doctor. The Doctor periodically regenerates. When he does so, he changes outward appearance which let the producers change actors easily. All Time Lords regenerate 13 times. The Doctor’s nemesis is the Master, a renegade Time Lord who found a way around this limit. Other enemies include the Black Guardian, the Daleks and the Cybermen.

During the previous serials, before 2005, Gallifrey was alive and well. It appears that for the new series, the Doctor is the only survivor of the last great Time War between the Dalek Empire and the Time Lords.

The Doctor and Donna Noble arrive in England in the 20s to solve a mystery with Agatha Christie. The trouble is that aliens are involved.

Agatha Christie has to investigate with the help of the Doctor to determine who is culpable of the murders that happened at the manor. No one has an alibi, but Christie’s mind works great to solve the mysteries of the house of Lady Edison.

This was another great episode. This was a great filler episode for the next interesting story arc which will involve Rose Tyler. During the other serials, the Timelords were alive and well. The Daleks and the Time Lors annihilated themselves during the last great Time War. The Doctor fought in this war and is the only survivor of his race.

Rose Tyler was actually seen at the end of the first episode of this season. Rose was the new Doctor’s first companion back in 2005. She stayed for two seasons before being sucked into another universe. She was seen once again in this episode, on the screen of the TARDIS when Donna was looking at the Doctor’s message to the Sontarans.

There, she finds herself trapped on the parallel Earth albeit reunited with Jackie, Mickey and the alternate Pete Tyler. Later, the Doctor manages to project his image through the last crack between the universes, sharing a tearful farewell with her. He informs Rose that she is presumed dead in the aftermath of the invasion, thus verifying Rose’s soliloquy at the start of the episode “This is the story of how I died”. Rose in turn mentions working with that parallel Earth’s (non secret) version of the Torchwood Institute due to her experience with aliens. Finally, Rose tells him she loves him, even though they denied it many times during the course of their time together. The Doctor begins to reply, getting as far as “If it’s my last chance to say it…Rose Tyler–” before the connection fails.

Rose is back for three episodes this season.

It’s incredible how entertaining these new Doctor Who episodes. Torchwood isn’t anywhere near as entertaining. David Tennant really knows how to portray his character well.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

* * * * *

The Doctor and Donna arrive in the 20s. There is a murder. A giant wasp is involved. Donna and the Doctor decide to crash a party thanks to the Doctor’s psychic paper.

The Unicorn is on the loose. He’s a jewel thief. The guests arrive at the garden party. Agatha Christie is at the party. The Doctor looks at the date and realizes that it’s the date that Agatha Christie disappears.

The Doctor says that it’s the day that Christie discovered that her husband disappeared. 10 days later, she turns up in a hotel in Harrogate. She never spoke about the disappearance.

Professor Peach is found murdered. The Doctor investigates posing as Scotland Yard. The murderer is an alien. Christie took some evidence. Donna is searching the rooms. The Doctor is questioning the guests with Agatha Christie. The murder took place at a quarter past four. No one has got an alibi.

Christie had found a burned piece of paper in the fireplace. They’ve hit a dead end. Donna comes up to a locked door. The door has been locked for years. It has been empty for 40 years. Donna hears a bee buzzing about. It’s a giant wasp that breaks through the glass. Donna uses the magnifying glass to burn it. The Doctor and Agatha arrive.

Another person if found murdered. They come face to face with the giant wasp. It reverts to human form and they can’t find it.

The maidservant was on the way to see the Lady. She said the poor little child before she was killed. Christie finds a thieves tool kit. The Doctor says that the wasp is a vesperform. The Doctor is poisoned with cyanide. He’s able to stimulate his body to detox.

The Doctor has laced the soup with pepper. It’s a form of insecticide. The lights are out and the wasp appears. Before they can do anything, Roger is killed. Lady Edison’s necklace was stolen. It came from India.

The Doctor motivates Christie to find out the truth. Miss Redmond is the Unicorn. She returns the necklace. The Kernel can walk. He stayed in the chair to keep his wife. Christie thinks that the Lady became preggers in India. It wasn’t an ordinary baby. 40 years ago, she saw a dazzling light in the sky. The next day Christopher came to see her. He showed her that he was a giant wasp. The wasp gave her the necklace which she kept with her ever since. A baby was born and given up for adoption. The professor figured it out.

On Thursday night, Lady Edison was reading her favorite book. The father surprised thieves in the church and apprehended them. He’s 40 years old. He’s Lady Edison’s child. He saw the thieves and got very angry. It broke the genetic lock and he became a vesperform. The necklace is a vesperform telepathic device. When it was activated, it beamed his real mind back into him. He gets angry and transforms.

Christie takes the necklace and runs off. The creature goes after her. The Doctor and Donna give chase. They arrive at a lake. Donna grasps the necklace and throws it into the water. The vesperform plunges into the water and drowns. The Vesperform is dying and its mind is connected to Agatha. In the end, she survives.

The Doctor tells Donna that Christie is the best selling novelist of all time.

* * * * *

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