Women’s Murder Club S01E13 (ABC)

Women’s Murder Club is a police procedural drama on ABC based on the James Patterson books. It features a series of women who work together to solve cases. Lindsay Boxer is a Detective Inspector in the San Fransisco PD. Jill Bernhardt is the ADA. Claire Washburn is the medical examiner. Cindy Thomas is a reporter that works with them on police cases.

I haven’t read the James Patterson books, but the title is pretty lame. I mean, come on. Women’s murder club? WTF! Basically the main characters are all in one aspect of law enforcement, from the police, to the coroner to the DA’s office. A new member of the club is part of the media.

When I think of the title of this show, I think about a bunch of women drinking tea and investigating a murder. None of them would be involved in law enforcement, they’d just be interested in murders and solving them, kind of like a babysitter club. OK, maybe not a babysitter club, but you get the idea.

The really annoying part is that there is a lot of the story missing, like how did Lindsay get divorced and what exactly did happen during the Kiss Me Knot serial killer case? Maybe the show plans on revealing this later on or maybe the series is based on one book in a series and we are missing a few key details. The fact that they producers and writers chose to make the show about a new case every episode is telling. If it focused on the Kiss Me Knot killer, it would have taken a story arc to find out who killed the women. Currently, three new episodes are in the process of being aired. The first two have been aired. Only the last one is left. The show’s current status is still uncertain.

Once again, I thought that this show was actually decent. We get more information about Lindsay background and why she is so driven. We don’t really know much about the Kiss Me Knot killer, other than he really messed Lindsay up. He’s back in this episode and Lindsay gets to resolve her issues.

If the next two episodes are better, I think that there is a strong chance that this show will get picked up for another season. Currently, it’s being watched since there arent’t that many fresh episodes of shows being broadcasted.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

* * * * *

A woman calls for help on a 911 call. The cops find a dead man, Fred Osner. Corinne Stevens is absent. She lives at the premises. He’s a neighbor. She’s being held captive.

The husband is in Palm Springs. He could have come back to kill Fred and to kidnap the wife. The husband turns himself in for questioning.

A crystal rabbit was used to kill Osner. Richard says that they don’t own a crystal rabbit. Jacobi says that the husband’s alibi checks out. There were no fingerprints on the crystal rabbit. Lindsay thinks that it’s the Kiss Me Knot Killer.

She doesn’t come home until morning. She tells Peter about the killer. She also shows him her murder wall.

The paint from the killer’s shoe is called Skylar Blue, extremely rare and used to retouch old vintage cars. Only used on 1955 pick-ups. John Harris is helpful.

John Harris, the paint dealer, had a daughter who ran away. She was found dead 5 years ago. Marty, Lindsay’s dad, worked on that case.

Lindsay pays Marty a visit. The family says that it was a runaway, but no one believed it. A couple of cops thought about the Harris’ son. The cops had kept an eye on him.

Billy Harris has a 1956 blue pick-up. They search the Harris house. She finds some evidence that links Billy circumstantially to the Kiss Me Knot Killer. All of the items that the Kiss Me Knot Killer left at the crime scenes belonged to Rachel Harris.

They question Harris. Lindsay thinks that he’s stonewalling her. John Harris killed his daughter. They have some DNA evidence linking him to his daughter’s death. Lindsay gets a call from Billy. He tells her to let her father go or Corinne will die.

Cindy comes up with some of Billy’s notebooks from the time that Billy was in juvie. He drew his sister dead with her lips sown shut. He knew before they found the body. John must have threatened his son to keep quiet since he must have seen it happen.

Lindsay makes the connection. With each victim, Billy is reenacting his father’s killing of his sister.

Billy calls Lindsay back. He’s at Lindsay’s house. They find Corinne on Lindsay’s bed. Claire says that Corinne was dead long ago, even before Billy asked for the release of his dad.

Lindsay surmises that Billy wants to keep things quiet about his family. She wants to expose him.

Billy calls Lindsay back. He threatens someone. He recites her cell phone number. She receives an IP address. He’s got her father. He wants to trade.

They need some help. They call in the FBI. Lindsay wants to wire a teddybear with a remote detonate flash bang grenade. Billy comes out and shoots his father. He doesn’t want the bear. Lindsay goes inside anyway.

Billy shoots Marty. He’s on top of Lindsay. The cops are coming. Marty pushes the gun towards Lindsay. Billy is choking her. She just manages to shoot Billy. She empties the magazine.

Marty is fine.

She just manages to see Peter at the airport. He was waiting for her.

Marty isn’t doing well. Lindsay gets a call.

* * * * *

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