Shipwrecked Vs Survivor

The two reality TV shows are drastically different. Shipwrecked is a UK show and Survivor is a very successful American show. From my research, Survivor is loosely based on the Swedish show Expedition Robinson.

In my opinion, there is no contest. Survivor is way more entertaining than Shipwrecked. Then again, the shows are so different, that it’s hard to compare. Naturally, there was a UK version of Survivor, which lasted only for two seasons. In that sense, the shows have a completely different heritage.

In Shipwrecked, two groups of young people compete for new arrivals. It’s not really a game. It’s more of an experience. All of the people in the show are young twenty somethings from the UK. Think of the movie The Beach with Leo and you’ll guess what this show is about.

The concept of the Third Island is new this season. Out of the two arrivals, the winning island gets to keep one. The other is sent home, at least that’s what they believe. The other new arrival gets sent to another island, where survival is that much rougher. Those are the best episodes of Shipwrecked.

Survivor is that much more cohesive, though I would enjoy it if there was an extreme edition, ie the survivors wouldn’t receive any supplies and would have to survive on their own.

Survivor is heading for its 17th season in the fall.

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