Curmudgeon On The Storytree

He got into an awaiting cab. It was just a few minutes before 3PM. He had a bus to catch. It was going to be close. After last night’s experience, he knew that the bus would leave at 3PM. At least he wasn’t too far from the bus station on Catherine Street. Still, there was a good chance that he would miss it.

It was the second time today that he had gotten into a cab. The first one was this morning at 7:45 with Methad. They took the cab on Elgin Street to get to the US embassy on Sussex Drive. It was a quick drive. He mentioned that the embassy was an eyesore. Methad understood when he saw the building next to the beautiful Connaught Building.

Once again, he noticed that all of the Canadian flags were flying at half-mast. It was the second time in as many weeks that  he had noticed this. For the first time, it was the National Mourning Day for Workers. It seemed odd that no one knew about this when he asked around.

As always, his curiosity was piqued. He wondered who had died. Somebody important. Maybe it was another national mourning day for some reason. He didn’t know.

-To the Voyageur Bus Station on Catherine St.
-Right away, sir.

He looked around and saw more flags flying half-mast. Since this was the nation’s capital, there were a lot of Canadian flags flying around. It wasn’t like that in Quebec.

-Do you know why the Canadian flag is flying at half-mast, he asked the cab driver?
-Why do you care? Some people don’t know what day it is or what hour it is, why would you care about that, he asked sardonically?
-Well, it’s because it’s something that  I’m observing and I’m curious. Aren’t you curious?
-No, I’m not, he answered shaking his head.

Now that guy had a problem. He wasn’t very positive. All that he had done was ask a simple question. There was no need in being so unfriendly.

Minutes later, he arrived at the bus station. The cost of the fare was 6.05$. He told the cab driver that he had 6$ or 10$. The cab driver took his six bucks and left.

He just made the bus in time. The bus was packed and he sat next to another unfriendly man who took up a lot of space. That didn’t matter. He knew how to claim his space. He wasn’t shy.






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