Reaper Cancun S01E18 (CW)

Reaper is an American supernatural television dramedy created by Tara Butters and Michele Fazekas, who also serve as executive producers alongside Mark Gordon, Deborah Spera and Tom Spezialy. Kevin Smith directed the pilot, and is a creative consultant for the series.

From Wikipedia’s entry on Reaper.

In this episode, Sam has to capture a fortune telling soul. He discovers that there is more to his birth than his dad ever told him. Meanwhile, Tony and his demon rebellion know that Sam is the son of Satan and plan on binding him. Sock kind of half breaks up with Josie and meets a succubus demon.

I thought this episode was great. Sam finds out that he might be the son of Satan. He thinks that his dad is dead, but unbeknown to him, he survived.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

* * * * *

The demons are planning to test out their theory that Sam is the spawn of Satan. They plan on dropping a washing machine on him. If Sam is able to deflect it somehow, they will know that Sam is the devil’s spawn. Tony confirms that Sam is the son of the Devil.

Sam is starring at a spot on the ceiling. He thinks it looks like Steve. Benji turns up. He’s out of jail.

Sam goes home to do some laundry and finds his parents arguing. They were standing in a circle. A circle is used to safely talk without the Devil spying on them. His dad had chalk on his hands and his pants.

The Devil summons Sam. They are at a lottery. Sam wants to know how he met his dad. Sam tells the Devil that they made a deal so that his dad could get better. He was sick. The Devil tricked them in to having Sam, they weren’t planning on having any kids. The Devil implies that his parents are lying.

His next soul is Madame Ozera. She sold her soul to the Devil to be able to divine the future. She was lynched. The fortune teller is back in business.

At the Work Bench, Sock is sleeping something off. He had a lunch date with Josie. He forgot. She wants him to put more effort into their relationship. Things rapidly go out of control. They break up. Sam sees Steve on the security monitor. He isn’t there for real. The stain is back.

Tony turns up. He has a new plan. A cage designed by King Solomon to trap the Devil. He wants Sam’s employee discount. Sock hands over his employee discount so that he gets the comission.

Sock hits on a hot demon. She follows him. They kiss and she seems to suck the life out of him. Either that or she sucked a part of his soul out. He is woken up by Ben later on. Marlena is gone. Sock has got some kind of enhanced strength.

Sam confesses to Andy that he has been seeing Steve. She doesn’t disbelieve it, but maybe Steve is trying to tell him something. Sam gets the vessel. It’s a baseball. The Devil twists Sam arm to find out what Tony is planning. The Devil isn’t worried about the cage. He doesn’t believe it’s a double bluff.

Tony is planning on catching Sam, not the Devil. They are planning on binding Sam’s soul for all eternity.

Andy finds some suitable targets. Sam and Sock narrow the search to one fortune tells.

Steve appears to Sam. He tells Sam to ask about Cancun and vanishes. Sam and Sock have to make one more delivery for the demons.

Sock spots Marlena. He wants to talk to her about the kiss. He wants to find out what happened afterwards. Marlena says that she is a succubus. Every time she kisses him, he loses a year of his life. Sock thinks that they should hook up once a year.

Sam tells Tony that he has been seeing Steve. Tony is jealous. He doesn’t believe it. God’s capacity for forgiveness doesn’t extend to demons. Sam tells Tony that he told the Devil what they are planning. Tony says that they knew he was going to tell the Devil.

Sock kisses Marlena and is able to transport a giant piece of wood by himself.

They go see the soul. She will only see them one at a time. The soul knows a lot about Sam. There is a hidden truth about Sam’s birth and his father. Something has come in between his father and Sam. It’s the Devil. She uses one of her cards to hang Sam from an invisible cord. He drops his baseball to warn Sock, who is busy lifting a giant Buddha. Sock saves Sam and has to transport Sam on his shoulders. The soul leaves in a car. Sock runs after it. Sock throws the baseball after her through her car and captures her.

Sock tells Benji about Marlena and the kisses.

Sam confronts his dad about his birth and the deal with the Devil. His dad dismisses what happened. Sam wants to know. It’s his life. His dad says that he is forbidden to tell him.

Tony calls him. They want him to drop by at the cage. Tony drops Sam into the cage. He tells him that he is the son of Satan. Sam’s dad arrives. They drop him into the cage as well. Sam talks about Steve again. Tony blames Sam for the death of Steve. Sam blurts out Cancun finally.

It’s where they took their first vacation. They called it heaven. In the light of the tractor, Tony sees Steve. He’s in Heaven. Tony says that they can’t do this. Tony flies in and saves Sam. He leaves his dad in the cage. Sam comes home and tells his mom. He asks if his dad was his real father. She says yes. She doesn’t want the police involved.

The Devil gives Sam some time off.

The guys make a burning man in honor of Sam’s dad. He tells the guys that the Devil might be his dad. The other demons will still try to come back to kill him.

Sam’s mom unburies her husband. He’s still alive. Either his deal with the Devil enables him to survive or he’s a demon.

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