Big Brother Australia S08D024 (Channel Ten)

Alice, Bianca, Dixie, Renee and Travis are in the danger zone tonight.

Practicing for the dance task has given the house new energy. Brigitte and Travis are doing disco. She’s not happy with Travis’ progress.

Dixie continues to do all of the laundry, courtesy of Rebecca.

The Nobster has taken it upon himself to change Travis’ overly positive view of the world. The other HM are talking about him. Dave doesn’t think that he will move out of his mom’s house. Knobby says that Travis isn’t realistic. Terri chimes in.

The Knobster takes it upon himself to educate Terri that she is negative. She is too negative. Ben says that they are ganging up on her and they need to relax.

Inside, Nate tells Dave that they others are ganging up on Terri trying to tell her to be less negative. Dave says that it will never happen.

People always remark to Terri that she is cranky. She isn’t cranky, it’s just the way how her face is. Terri talks some BS about the way society makes kids think that they can do anything they want. The kids need to be more realistic and be conscious that negative things can happen.

Rory is shaving Nate’s head.

The Nobster asks BB for another sleeping bag. His present one is doing the job in the cold nights. The days are good, but the nights are tougher. He knows that Terri hates him. However, she tries to hide it and be nice to him. He just wants her to be real.

Travis talks with Terri. She finds it hard to be by himself.

HM are now in their 4th week in the house, and they find it harder to entertain themselves.

Dave is finding life a bit boring. It’s very repetitive.

The Nobster and Rory are having loads of fun. Nate finds the boys annoying about his relationship with Renee. The Nobster and some of the others are talking about Nate and Renee. They both think that they are totally into each other. Renee gives them the bird.

Terri thinks that the romance is only one-sided. He’s pushing the romance.

Nate and Renee are talking. He doesn’t want anyone hurt down the line. It doesn’t make a lot of sense. She finds it funny that he is including her in this scenario. She says that she doesn’t get him sometime.

Alice reveals that she was 17 and hadn’t had her period. The doctor told her that she can’t have any kids.

The Nobster and Alice are talking with Nate. Knobby is trying to make a point. He says that it’s just so weird the way that they are acting. It’s awkward because there is something going on. The dance should make them giggle. What’s going on is that sparks are flying around. They think that Nate likes her as well. Knobby tells him that he should just go for it.

In the bedroom, Rory and Ben are talking to Renee. They want her to get on with it as well. Renee reveals that he hasn’t got any feelings for her. They think that it’s cool that he had that talk with her. She is obviously into him.

Doc Alice and Knobby are sharing their experience with Nate.

Renee and Rory are spooning. Renee says that she can’t deal with that guy anymore. Nate walks in and sees them spoon. They laugh it off. Alice is spending the night in the Kombi van.

Carson Crashes BB’s Closet Part 2

Brigitte goes to the diary room. Carson is back to transform the rest of the BBAU house. He smuggled in some shoes for Brigitte.

It’s Bianca’s turn to get a make-over. She says that she is embarrassed by her boobs. Later Dixie gets one as well. She cries. Travis gets a make-over. The Nobster and Bec follow. This was obviously recorded before Bec’s eviction. Nate, Alice and Dave follow.

Bianca looks good. Carson has got a surprise for Renee. He wants her to come to NYC. He wants to shop for her and find her a few new outfits. Carson wants Renee to take Dixie along as a chaperone.

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