Big Brother Australia S08D026 (Channel Ten)

Alice, Bianca, Dixie, Nate and Terri are in the danger zone today.

The house is talking about the task that Brigitte had to do yesterday to get back some of her stuff. She had to wear glasses and act nice and positive. The other HM judged her and said that she didn’t warrant her things back.

Terri is called into the diary room. BB wonders if the negativity of the past night has lain down. Terri thinks so.

Alice talks with Dixie. She wants to talk about how Dixie comforted Brigitte last night. It was nice to see. Brigitte wants Rory to stop talking to her. Travis thinks that they need to continue practicing together. Brigitte doesn’t look in the mood. Travis tries to make Brigitte feel better. It partly works.

Rory and Bianca are lying in bed. She tells him that she feels like crying for no reason. Rory says that’s OK, she’s female. Bianca starts to weep silently. Rory gets up and leaves.

Dixie is getting tired of doing all of the laundry. She asks Nate to wring out his jumpers. I thought that Dixie was supposed to do this by herself. No other HM allowed. Will she be punished?

Brigitte and Dixe are bonding in the bedroom.

Rory, the Nobster and Bianca are making a strange pile in the garden.

Renee walks in the bedroom. Dixie is tired of doing all of the laundry. Renee talks with Alice. She’s upset because Brigitte doesn’t want to talk with her anymore. She doesn’t understand. Rory made worse comments and she is still talking with him.

Dixie tells Brigitte that this is a chance for her to become an adult.

Dixie and Nate are being called to the diary room because they broke the rules. Nate wrung his laundry. As punishment, Dixie has to launder the big pillowcases from the bedroom. Nate has to lend vocal support. He may not assist her.

Alice tells Terri that she fits in way better.

The Nobster joins in the fun with Nate to encourage Dixie. He sings a few Japanese songs.

Dave, Rory and the Nobster are talking about Ben and Travis. They reckon that Ben has calmed down a bit since he was nominated. Dave thinks that strategy is involved.

Alice and Dixie are dancing and singing in the shower. It’s making Brigitte laugh.

Dixie is grooming Terri whilst talking to Bianca. She explains that why she stuck up for Brigitte. She saw that Brigitte was crying and she felt sorry for her.

Rory and Ben are talking about Renee. They both rate her hotter than Brigitte. Rory says that he could never date her. Ben says that dating her would be hard. Rory says that her voice is doing his head in.

Bianca says that she’s starting to feel attracted to some of the HM. She’s horny.

Dixie and Brigitte are working out. Rory is giving Bianca a little massage. Dixie tells Brigitte that she wants to be friends on the outside.

Friday Night Live

It’s scout night. Goldman promises a lot of creepy crawlies.

Nate and Rory are team captains. Nate, Knobby, Ben, Renee, Bridge, Travis play against Rory, Dave, Alice, Dixie, Bianca, Terri.

The first game involves using a plank to construct a bridge to cross a croc infested river. They have to all reach the end. They sound like a bunch of lunatics since they have to change dib and dob. They are the stupid scouts. The result is too close to call. Rory and Nate will rock off to determine the winner. Rory’s team wins.

The next round involves hanging from a pole. Knobby and Renee win this round, beating out Nate. They are the team captains.

The next round involves sticking your head in a hidden box. Rory goes first. His box contains cockroaches. As he pulls his head out of the box, a lot of the cockroaches fall out. Dixie is freaking out. The Nobster goes for box #2. His box contains fighting crickets and leaf mimics. They crawl all over his face. Dixie is next. Her box contains cockroaches and crickets. She closes her eyes and jumps around all around. It keeps the crawlies out of her face. It looked like the cockroaches sprayed something in her face. Good for her for being able to do it.

Bianca’s box contains snakes. They aren’t real snakes. She survived. Goldman explained that they had real snakes and he tested them out, but they didn’t want the snakes to bite the HM on the face.

Rebecca joins them on the set.

Alice is first to go for the other team. She’s got to face the cockroaches. Alice finally opens her eyes and sees the giant burying cockroaches. Dave gets the leaf mimics and crickets. Dave lost his nose clamp on the way in. Terri gets the creepy crawly combo. She has no problems. Renee gets the fake snakes.

It’s a tie. Rory and Alice will have to face-off in an eating contest. They have to eat some gummi-bear snakes. Alice kicks Rory’s ass.

Renee and Dave compete against Alice and Terri. They have to erect tents. They fail because the giant fan is back. Terri and Alice fail as well. It’s another tie. The HM have to compete in a paper airline throwing contest. When Dave sees that they have to throw their airplane against the fan, he rolls his up in a ball of paper and throws it. This is after Alice’s throw, whose went very far. BB tells Dave that he tried to cheat. Alice is through to the finals with Terri.

The final involves guessing what’s in the box. The HM don’t know that a ninja stole a hubcap from the Kombi van. BB will only answer questions with a yes or no. The HM are struggling. BB gives the HM a clue. The object has never left the backyard. They have trouble. BB gives the HM another clue. The object is made out of chrome. Terri has asked three questions about sinks. She’s nutty. BB thinks that her fixation with the sink is charming. BB says that the object starts with the letter h and ends with p.

Terri guesses Hoop and gets slimed. Alice wins HOH. Alice is told that the bottom three HM are Nate, Bianca and David. She chooses the Nobster. Knobby is very happy. They head into the strategy room.

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