Big Brother Australia S08D028 (Channel Ten)

Dixie is complaining about her boobs. Each boob weighs 4.3kg. She says that doing the washing hurts her back. She tells some of the other HM. Bianca is surprised. She is called into the diary room. BB tells her that he was misquoted. Dixie said that she said that her boobs weigh 4.3 kg. BB said so. This wasn’t true. Bianca had to take a minute to calm down.

Bianca and Dixie argue later on. Dixie lied about what BB said. Dixie says that Bianca should mind her own business. Bianca has to walk away. She goes to the locker room. The Nobster tries to calm her down. Bianca calls Dixie a cold hearted bitch. In the dining room, Dixie calls Bianca a psycho bitch.

Dave, Nate and Dixie are talking about Bianca. They laugh that she is talking about leaving.

After FNL, Alice invites the Nobster to the strategy room. She tells him that Bianca, David and Nate are the bottom three. They have changed since then. Alice says that she gets along with Terri. They both thought that Brigitte would be nominated. Alice isn’t surprised that Bianca is nominated. She hasn’t got a spark. She keeps repeating herself. The Nobster thinks that Renee is cool. Alice says that Renee is also repeating herself as well. Alice thinks that Dixie is going to win. She thinks that because of her aboriginal background, she will have a large following.

Some of the HM are talking about Australian slang. Brigitte is asking a question to Terri. She asks why Terri and Rory keep using ‘me’ instead of ‘my’. Brigitte calls Terri a witch.

I don’t even know what belligerent means!
Brigitte to Terri.

The HM failed last week’s task, the HM want to win this week’s task. Brigitte and Travis are arguing about nothing again. The Nobster and Nate are watching them practice. Knobby says that Travis hasn’t got any attention span. Nate wonders how he is at work. Brigitte tells Travis that his moves aren’t defined enough. He can’t stop laughing. She says that he’s just so irritating. Brigitte says that Travis isn’t a normal person. Everything he says is just one of his little catchphrases.

Dixie goes into the diary room. She doesn’t want to dance. She doesn’t have the groove. Travis is talking with the Nobster and Terri about Brigitte. Terri is pissed because Brigitte called her a witch.

A double eviction is coming up.

Brigitte is in the diary room. Their personalities clash. Meanwhile Travis says that she’s a douchebag while he talks with Ben. She thinks that he’s just a doll with a record. He keeps repeating himself.

The Nobster is in locker room lockdown. They are talking about Brigitte. She doesn’t like any girls.

The HM have been rehearsing all week. Now it’s time for this week’s show. BB tells the HM that they have the So You Think You Can Dance judges, Jason Coleman and Matt Lee.

Ben and Bianca start with the Tango. The judges think that they did a good effort. Ben was embarrassed by the costume. Alice and Dixie are next. The judges thought that they did a good job. Renee and Nate are next. Renee giggled the whole way through. Matt thinks that they need to take 5 minutes in the bedroom and get that sorted. Terri and Dave are next with the German slapdance. The judges thought that it was good.

Brigitte has got a big smile on during their performance. Brigitte needed to let go. They think that they did well. The Nobster and Rory are next. The Nobster did great. He outdanced Rory. The judges loved it.

In regards to the judges’ world class standard, the HM passed the task.

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