Big Brother Australia S08D028 Eviction(Channel Ten)

It’s a double eviction this week and the HM don’t know it yet.

Corey is in trouble again. He got busted twice for a party. He tried to get into a club with a fake ID and got busted. He was arrested at the last news. He got fined 225$ and is making $200000AU.

Terri is surprised to see that she made the cover of Zoo Weekly. Kyle tells Nate that he’s stringing Renee along.

Dave, Nate and Alice are in the bottom three. Kyle is picking on Nate. As winner of FNL Alice saves herself. Rory is nominated instead of Alice. The HM are told that it’s a double eviction. Only one of the three nominated HM will survive.

Votes to evict 2pts 1pt

Dixie Nate Rory “Uhm. He’s got a shiny head?”

Travis Dave Nate “I don’t know much about him.”

Brigitte Nate Rory “He’s being fake.”

Ben Dave Nate “It’s tough to evict people I want to stay with.”

Terri Nate Dave “His hands-on nature is creepy.”

Bianca Dave Nate “He doesn’t listen to me.”

The Nobster Nate Dave “The other two have been here longer.”

Renee Rory Dave “I like Nate the most.”

2*Alice Nate Dave “He’s not involved in the group”

Dave Rory Nate “I have a closer bond.”

Nate Dave Rory “I like Rory.”

Rory Nate Dave “He’s not me.”

BB tells Dixie that those are the worst reasons for nomination that he has heard in 8 years.

Brigitte and Travis had a little contest about who was the dumbest and Travis lost. That’s why he is wearing a clown face.

Matt and Jason are there. They say that the winner were Terri and Dave. The worst was Brigitte.

Renee is crying when everyone goes back to the lounge. The first evicted HM is Nate. Nate is a freak. He’s a 27 year old virgin. They want to know why he was flirting so much with Renee, but at the same time he was telling her that he didn’t want to start anything with her.

Nate gets a phone, a trip for two, and mobile broadband.

The next evicted HM is Dave. He gets a phone, a trip to Nepal and mobile broadband.

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