Big Brother Australia S08D032 (Channel Ten)

Bianca, Dixie, Renee, Terri and Travis are in the danger zone.

It’s just after 8AM. He’s got to bring BB breakie.

Alice has been appointed the guardian of the seeing-eye dog Ollie. She’s got to train him everyday for this week’s house.

Dixie is moping because of the laundry hand grenade.

Bianca suggests a topic for the family dinner. She wants to defuse the sexual tension between her and Rory in the other HM eyes. She doesn’t like the attention that she is getting with Rory.

Brigitte is having fun with Ollie. He’s munching on her hair.

Bianca tells Renee her topic. She wants to ask who is the best couple and the worst couple in the house. Renee tells Bianca that he’s interested in her.

Brigitte tells Travis that his hair is terrible. The Nobster gave him a haircut. The Nobster tells him that he doesn’t have any sex appeal. Travis says that he doesn’t dislike Dixie. Dixie tells him that she doesn’t like him. He annoys her. He thinks that it’s immature. She says that she is mean to him and tells him that he doesn’t know what he is talking about. That shuts him up.

Travis asks Alice if the HM are laughing at him. Alice says yes. She would mention names at a family dinner. That’s why they taunt him about things that he don’t know. He wants her to name people. The Nobster and Ben laugh at Travis. They are his mates. Alice laughs at him as well sometimes.

Tonight, the Nobster is watching the family dinner on a plasma screen outside. Ben tells Brigitte that she’s ridiculous. She says that she has changed. Dixie thinks that Ben is arrogant and an asshole. He just said that in the outside, he wouldn’t talk to a 52 year old person or a bricklayer. Ben calls Brigitte rude. Ben starts to insult Brigitte. The Nobster is laughing his ass off in the garden.

Alice tells him that he said that he would never talk to a bricklayer. Rory tries to defend him. Rory isn’t offended.

Bianca and Alice are still talking about what happened during the family dinner. Ben is present. Brigitte is talking with Ollie.

Bianca is talking with Bianca. Rory is telling her to shush when Dixie walks by. He tells her out of all of the chicks here, she is hot.

Renee mentions to the Nobster that she knows that Bianca likes her, but she sometimes gets veiled attacks from her. Knobby tells her that Bianca is envious of her. Dixie says that people will want to approach her more than Bianca, because Bianca is so conflict driven. Renee is more bubbly.

Rory tells Bianca that she needs to be more self-confident. Rory tells Bianca that he likes Bianca’s body more than Renee’s.

The HM Hypnotised

Rory, David, Alice, Dixie, The Nobster and Travis proved the most receptive and agreed to be hypnotized again.

Peter Powers starts with the invisible man routine. He makes them think that he’s invisible and that there are ghosts all around.

He makes Alice and Dave think that a wrecked car is a red Ferrari. He manipulates them a bit.

He then makes the HM think that they are students in class. Dave is a big crybaby. Some of the others are naughty. To me it looks like the HM are pretending. I can see Dixie and Rory laughing it off, not in character. They are most definitely not hypnotized. Smells like a fake.

The next scenario is in a restaurant. He makes Dave throw his pasta. He keeps saying “Sleep you are awake” or some shit like that. Dixie is the worst. Her bad acting is transparent. It’s all a set-up. He makes Nobbi eat an onion.

He makes the HM believe that they are all preggers and about to give birth.

He makes Nobbi and Dave believe that they are hot underwear models. He makes them feel sexy in a bath filled with yucky food.

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