Big Brother UK S09D02 (E4)

The first HM have just entered the house. Lisa works as a sales rep for a tanning salon. She’s a mom and a MILF with giant fake titties. Mario, or Sean, is her 42 year old boyfriend. He’s a bit thick.

Luke is a part time wresting announcer and a student. Steph walks in and BB gives them their secret mission. Mario has to pretend that Steph is his girlfriend. He has to pretend that he has no relationship with Lisa. If their cover is blown, they are nominated. Otherwise the other HM will be nominated.

Mario says that for him to go for a 19 year old girl, he’d have to be some kind of football player. Mario is going to pretend that he’s 32.

Rachel walks in. Mario admits to Luke that he’s in deep shit. It’s not going to be easy. Dale walks in. Sylvia comes in.

Steph isn’t sure that what she has been told is the truth. She doesn’t believe Mario and Lisa are a couple. She’s caught in between the lies. Dennies comes in. Luke looks surprised. Rachel says that it’s going to be hard for them not to have sex.

Michael is blind since the age of 23. Mario gives him a guided tour. Rex and Alexandra walk in. She’s an account executive from Croyden. She’s a single mother as well.

Mohamed walks in. Hyper Rebecca walks in. She can’t stop squealing. Lisa finds it funny. She looks overwhelmed. Darnell comes in. He’s an albino. The HM have trouble saying his name. It sounds like Daniel or Donald. Hottie MILF Jennifer walks in. Rebecca is over-excited. Steph says that Jen looks like Jennifer-Love Hewitt. Dennis describes her to Michael.

Steph wants to quiz Mario about Lisa, but he doesn’t want to talk about it. Kathreya walks in. She’s got cookies and Rebecca excitedly jumps around. The bedroom is opened and the HM scramble to claim their beds. Some of them find the other bedroom. It’s really bad. It’s filled with camping beds.

Kath doesn’t understand why they are so upset. She doesn’t mind the other bedroom. Mikey says that he doesn’t like it. It smells like rubber. The girls think that the posh room should be a girl’s room. Kath is looking for a toilet. She walks straight by one and heads for the garden. She can’t find one. Actually she does, but it’s occupied.

Rebecca, Dale and Mohamed are at the ashtray smoking.

Steph comes to the diary room. She suspects that Mario and Lisa aren’t a couple. She just goes on instinct. Mario confides in Luke. She doesn’t believe that Lisa is his real girlfriend.

Steph and Rex are at the ashtray. She’s admiring his fake diamond encrusted hoodie. BB has given the HM some tokens. Rex reads that the tokens can be exchanged for hot water, hair straighteners, clippers and other commodities that HM take for granted. The HM start arguing.

Alexandra, Rachel and Rebecca go to the diary room to complain. Alexandra thinks that it’s inhumane.

Sylvia is complaining about the hot water outside the diary room.

Rebecca, Mohamed, Rex and Alexandra are at the ashtray. They are complaining some more. Rex doesn’t mind the hot water.

Michael, Mario and Luke are in the luxury bedroom. Mario is complaining about the sleeping arrangements.

Lisa is in the diary room. She finds the mission hard. She can’t touch him. Mario is doing some crunches. Mario is getting booted out of the right side of the bed by Steph. Lisa says that Steph is panicking a bit.

Dale, Rebecca, Alexandra and Sylvia are in the bathroom. Rachel is in the diary room. She loves Mario and Steph. She thinks the boys are going to find it difficult since she’s with Mario. She believes the ruse.

Darnell and Mohamed are talking about the girls. Darnell thinks that Sylvia is nice. Mohamed asks if Lisa is a woman. Darnell thinks that she looks like a woman. He doesn’t know. Darnell likes Rachel and Steph. Steph has got a man. Mohamed likes Sylvia and Rachel.

Lisa, Mario and Luke are asleep in the luxury bedroom.

Rachel and Steph are talking about love. Steph is doing well with the task.

Some of the HM are asleep at 3:39AM. Most of the HM are in the living room. Kath goes to bed.

Steph is in the diary room. She’s upset that she has to lie about this task. She thinks that some of the HM are skeptical. She feels uncomfortable sleeping in the same bed as Mario.

BB tells Mario that he must ask Steph to marry him. Steph must accept. He must only tell Luke. She accepted when he proposed in the pool. The marriage will happen in the BBUK house. Lisa doesn’t look happy.

They had to sign official documents in the diary room.

* * * * *

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